French Vocabulary Master: Start Talking

French Vocabulary Master: Start Talking Kategoria: Nauka języków 30 Topics at Elementary Level: A1-A2 – Listen & Learn Do you want to speak French fluently in everyday situations? Listen & Learn with the „French Vocabulary Master – Start Talking” course. which will gradually teach you useful vocabulary and develop communication skills in typical situations. The…

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French Vocabulary Master: Start Talking

Kategoria: Nauka języków

30 Topics at Elementary Level: A1-A2 – Listen & Learn

Do you want to speak French fluently in everyday situations?

Listen & Learn with the „French Vocabulary Master – Start Talking” course. which will gradually teach you useful vocabulary and develop communication skills in typical situations.
The course covers 30 topics of everyday conversations. and the exercises in each lesson help you remember the words and pronunciation easily and teach you how to ask questions. make requests. pass on information and solve everyday problems. also on a journey abroad. This is effective learning. easy and available to everyone!

Why is it worth choosing the „French Vocabulary Master – Start Talking” course?

• You will learn and master over 900 vital words and expressions.
• More than 400 example sentences will teach you how to use these words and phrases in everyday language.
• You will take part in 120 speaking situations. answering the teacher’s questions or following his instructions.
• All the words and expressions are recorded with translations. which enables easier use of the course and allows for faster mastery and consolidation of the material.

E-book (PDF file) contains the full text of the course: words and phrases with translations. sentences and questions to be repeated. exercises with example answers.

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es. have eliminated. prevented. or cured an array of diseases that have been characterized as neglected by the World Health Organization and that afflict tens of millions of people unnecessarily. The Carter Center has taught millions of African families how to increase the production of food grains. and Rosalynn Carter has led a vigorous war against the stigma of mental illness around the world. Immersing ourselves among these deprived and suffering people has been a great blessing as it stretched our minds and hearts. Jimmy Carter writes. The principles of The Carter Center have been the same ones that should characterize our nation. or any individual. They are the beliefs inherent in all the great world religions. including commitments to peace. justice. freedom. humility. forgiveness or an attempt to find accommodation with potential foes. generosity. human rights or fair treatment of others. protection of the environment. and the alleviation of suffering. This is our agenda for the

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The presidents personal and passionate account of his twenty-five years in the service of humanitarian effort that won him the Nobel Peace Prize was received with the admiring respect of reviewers and readers and it will stand as the record of his brilliant post-presidential career.This is the story of President Jimmy Carters post-presidency. the most admired and productive in the nations history. Through The Carter Center. which he and Rosalynn Carter founded in 1982. he has fought neglected diseases. waged peace in war zones. and built hope among some of the most forgotten and needy people in the world. Serving in more than seventy nations. Carter has led peacekeeping efforts for Ethiopia. North Korea. Haiti. Bosnia and Herzegovina. Uganda. and Sudan. With his colleagues from The Carter Center. he has monitored more than sixty-five elections in troubled nations. from Palestine to Indonesia. Carters bold initiatives. undertaken with dedicated colleagu


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Amazing Scientists: B1 (Collins Amazing People ELT Readers)

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The inspiring stories of 6 people who changed history.Contents:Antoine Lavoisier who wrote the first modern chemistry textbookHumphry Davy who discovered ‚laughing gas’Charles Darwin who changed people’s ideas with his theory of evolutionGregor Mendel who first discovered the science of geneticsLouis Pasteur who saved millions of lives by killing germsFrancis Crick who helped to discover the structure of DNABRITISH ENGLISHWord count: 13.021Headword count: 1.064PLUS: visit for videos. teacher resources and self-study materials.This book is Level 3 in the Collins ELT Readers series.Level 3 is equivalent to CEF level B1.About the Amazing People series:A unique opportunity for learners of English to read about the exceptional lives and incredible abilities of some of the most insightful people the world has seen.Each book contains six short stories. told by the characters themselves. as if in

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Alibi. Inspektor Bernard Żbik. Tom 1

Kategoria: Literatura sensacyjna i grozy

Warszawa przedwojenna. początek lat 30. XX w. Albert Godlewski. mieszkający w willi przy Alei Róż 3 otrzymuje tajemniczy anonim. Czy zabójca spełni swą groźbę i zabije ofiarę? Kto nim mógłby być i co nim może kierować? Na te pytania postarają się odpowiedzieć: inspektor Bernard Żbik i detektyw Jerzy Klin – przyjaciel Godlewskiego. Pierwsza cześć serii Wielkie gry inspektora Bernarda Żbika.

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Don’t Fire Them. Fire them Up

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One of the most dynamic and original audio programs to come around in some time. Don’t Fire Them. Fire Them Up tells the listener how to build a winning business team — how to develop trust. create loyalty. and generate enthusiasm and excitement. It explains how to build or rebuild an organization. lead and energize it. and put it on top and keep it there. year after year. When Frank Pacetta became district manager of Xerox’s Cleveland sales office. that district was a disaster area. dragging along near the bottom of Xerox’s national organization. Within a year. Pacetta had turned it around. making Cleveland first in the region and fourth nationally out of sixty-five sales districts. In his four years in Cleveland. revenues went from $56 million to $106 million and it took the team approach to make it happen. Pacetta has since moved to the Mid-Ohio District where he and his team are back on top! Here he explains how you can take your compan

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‚;As lively. thorough. and engaging as the team it chronicles’ (Nathaniel Friedman). Betaball is a compelling look at how the Golden State Warriors embraced savvy business practices. next generation science. and Silicon Valley’s technocentric culture not only to produce one of the greatest basketball teams in history but also to revolutionize the NBAperfect for fans of Moneyball and The Book of Basketball.Betaball is the definitive. inside account of how the Golden State Warriors. under the ownership of venture capitalist Joe Lacob and Hollywood producer Peter Guber. quickly became one of the greatest success stories in both sports and business. In just five years. they turned a declining franchise with no immediate hope into the NBA’s dominant forceand facilitated the rise of All-Star point guard Stephen Curry. By operating in ‚;beta.’ the Warriors morphed into a model organization for American professional sports. instituting the best workplace principles found in


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Lying Game #5: Cross My Heart. Hope to Die

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The search for Suttons killer continues in this fifth title in the suspenseful and twisted Lying Game series by Sara Shepard. author of the #1New York Timesbestselling Pretty Little Liars series.Ever since Sutton Mercer’s murderer tricked her long-lost twin. Emma. into coming to Tucson. Emma has been trying to solve the mystery of Sutton’s death. And now someone else is back in townBecky. Sutton and Emma’s birth mother. As Emma gets closer to discovering what exactly happened the night Sutton was killed. she learns that Becky isn’t all that she seems. Turns out Sutton wasn’t the only Mercer girl with dark secrets. . . .

Autor: Sara Shepard

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