Strange Things Happen: A life with The Police. polo and pygmies

Strange Things Happen: A life with The Police. polo and pygmies Kategoria: Pozostałe A remarkable memoir from the legendary drummer with The Police.Stewart Copeland is a genuine rock legend. As the drummer with The Police he was part of the biggest rock band in the world. They sold over 50 million records. won 2 Brits…

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Strange Things Happen: A life with The Police. polo and pygmies

Kategoria: Pozostałe

A remarkable memoir from the legendary drummer with The Police.Stewart Copeland is a genuine rock legend. As the drummer with The Police he was part of the biggest rock band in the world. They sold over 50 million records. won 2 Brits and 5 Grammys and were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. When they reformed in 2007 they played to nearly 4 million fans on a record-breaking world tour which grossed over $400m.But his time with The Police is just a tiny part of his story.Growing up in Lebanon. unaware that his dad was a major US spy. Being best friends with Kim Philby’s son. Singing in the choir in Wells Cathedral. Performing arts college in San Diego. Drumming with prog-rock gods Curved Air. Appearing on TOTP as Klark Kent in full camoflage make-up. Spray painting The Police logos around London at night. Rock stardom and fan obsessions. Filming experimental movies with a pygmy tribe. Playing polo again

Autor: Lisa McMann

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postawy i tendencje charakterystyczne dla czasów. z których pochodzi.

Seria popularnych powieści kryminalnych autorstwa Zygmunta Zeydlera-Zborowskiego. W roli śledczego występuje oficer Komendy Głównej MO major Stefan Downar.

Zygmunt Zeydler-Zborowski (1911-2000) – polski pisarz literatury kryminalnej. twórca postaci Stefana Downara. W przededniu II wojny światowej ukończył polonistykę na Uniwersytecie Warszawskim. W trakcie wojny zarabiał. śpiewając w warszawskich kawiarniach. a po jej zakończeniu został urzędnikiem w Ministerstwie Żeglugi i Handlu Zagranicznego. Debiutował jako autor powieści sensacyjnych. publikowanych w odcinkach na łamach prasy. Dwa lata spędził we Włoszech. podróżował także po Ameryce Południowej. Był redaktorem w Telewizji Polskiej. działał w Polskiej Agencji Reklamowej. Od 1963 jego głównym zajęciem było pisanie. Zasłynął jako twórca powieści kryminalnych i sensacyjnych. Spoczywa na Cmentarzu Powązkowsk

Kategoria: Pozostałe

Powieść kryminalna jednego z najpopularniejszych pisarzy PRL.

Marsano. włoski biznesmen planuje wkroczyć w świat polityki. Na drodze do realizacji marzeń staje jego były osobisty sekretarz. Henryk Moderski szantażuje Włocha ważnymi dokumentami i każe płacić sobie haracz za milczenie. Marsano postanawia się go pozbyć. W tym celu zatrudnia płatnego zabójcę z najlepszymi referencjami. Podczas zaaranżowanego spotkania Marsano tłumaczy mu. na czym będzie polegać zlecenie. Rolson ma udać się do Polski. odzyskać dokumenty i zabić Moderskiego. Plan wydaje się prosty. a jak wyjdzie w praktyce? Czy niebotyczna suma. jaką zażyczył sobie Rolson jest gwarancją sukcesu? Przed zabójcą z Zachodu trudne zadanie odnalezienia się w obcej mu rzeczywistości PRL.

Język. postacie i poglądy zawarte w tej publikacji nie odzwierciedlają poglądów ani opinii wydawcy. Utwór ma charakter publikacji historycznej. ukazującej

ISBN: 978-87-26-76206-8

Cena: 9999


English on Holiday – New edition (Proficiency level: B1-B2)

Kategoria: Nauka języków

Do you want to speak English fluently in various situations on holiday?

Listen to „English on Holiday– New Edition”. This audio course quickly and effectively prepares you for going abroad. The course teaches the authentic language used in everyday situations. Each lesson presents a new subject of typical conversations and teaches how to form sentences independently.

Why choose the course?

„English on Holiday – New Edition” covers 12 main topics. and the dialogues and exercises in each lesson are aimed at learning and mastering over 800 expressions and complete sentences. Each lesson develops step by step your speaking skills that are necessary for effective communication in English:

• start with listening to a dialogue introducing the subject of the lesson.

• then broaden and consolidate vocabulary used in typical situations.

• next answer questions and independently form sentences following the teacher’s instructions.

• finally take part in a conversation from the lesson.

In the new edition of the course. you will find more exercises and examples that consolidate the material and teach how to use it in practice. The new part – Useful expressions is designed for those wishing to practice vocabulary necessary on a journey abroad. This is effective learning. easy and accessible to everyone!


E-book (PDF file) – the texts of all the recordings: dialogues and exercises with answers. In addition. there is a Glossary to the Useful expressions part including translation of all the words and phrases into French. German. Polish. Spanish. Russian. Italian and Chinese.


Autor: Dorota Guzik

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Psychics. Healers. and Mediums

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Since the dawn of time. people have been fascinated by those who claim to have extraordinary psychic abilities. The fascination has reached a fever pitch with the rise of modern media.It is safe to say that many of these folks are either extraordinary frauds or extraordinarily deluded. But could some of them be legitimate? Do some people actually possess psychic gifts that can be used to help and heal?For twenty years. Emmy Award-winning journalist Jenniffer Weigel has been interviewing and investigating mediums. psychics. and healers. She became particularly interested in this topic after the death of her father in 2001. „I felt that as a journalist. it was my duty to go behind the scenes with these people who claim they can talk to dead people or heal the sick and really pull the curtain back on these so-called gifts.”Here you will find in-depth interviews with today’s top mediums. psychics. and healers. including Thomas John. Judith Orloff. Concetta Bertoldi. Caroline Myss. Echo Bodine. Rebecca Rosen. Paul Selig. and Michael Bodine. In addition to the interviews. each chapter contains readings for both Weigel and an individual previously unknown to the medium. psychic. or healer. In short. Weigel puts these psychically gifted people to the test-and the results are startling and profound.

Autor: Jenniffer Weigel

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Universal Man: The Seven Lives of John Maynard Keynes

Kategoria: Pozostałe

From the bestselling and award-winning author of aAn English Affair. a dazzlingly original thematic biography which throws fresh light on the greatest economist of the twentieth century.John Maynard Keynes saved Britain from financial crisis twice over the course of two World Wars. and instructed Western industrialised states on how to protect themselves from revolutionary unrest. economic instability. high unemployment and social dissolution. In the wake of the recent global financial crisis. economists worldwide have once again turned to his ideas to confront their problems.In this entertaining and edifying new biography. Richard Davenport-Hines introduces the man behind the economics; a connoisseur. intellectual. economist. administrator and statesman who was equally at ease socialising with the Bloomsbury Group as he was when influencing the policies of Presidents.By exploring the desires and experiences that made Key

Autor: Peter Bowen

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Murder is Announced

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‚I’m not too late. am I? When does the murder begin?’An announcement appears in the local paper:this Friday. at exactly 6.30pm. a murder will take place.Who could resist such an invitation?Driven by morbid curiosity. the villagers head to the appointed location: a quiet house on the outskirts of the village.The crowd gathers. The clock counts down. And then the lights go out.A mystery that will defy even the most ingenious of detectives.Because. when you turn over a stone in an English village. you have no idea what will crawl out…

Autor: Agatha Christie

Cena: 59.90

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