Reavers Kategoria: Pozostałe Elizabethan England. and a dastardly Spanish plot to take over the throne is uncovered. It’s up to Agent Archie Noble to save Queen and country in this saucy and swashbuckling romp from the bestselling author of The Flashman Papers and The Pyrates.Spoiled. arrogant. filthy rich. and breathtakingly beautiful. the young Lady Godiva…

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Elizabethan England. and a dastardly Spanish plot to take over the throne is uncovered. It’s up to Agent Archie Noble to save Queen and country in this saucy and swashbuckling romp from the bestselling author of The Flashman Papers and The Pyrates.Spoiled. arrogant. filthy rich. and breathtakingly beautiful. the young Lady Godiva Dacre is exiled from the court of Good Queen Bess (who can’t abide red-haired competition) to her lonely estate in distant Cumberland. where she looks forward to bullying the peasantry and getting her own imperious way. Little does she guess that the turbulent Scottish border is the last place for an Elizabethan heiress. beset by ruthless reivers (many of them unshaven). blackmailing ruffians. fiendish Spanish plotters intent on regime change and turning Merrie England into a ghastly European Union province.And no one to rely on but her half-witted blonde school chum. a rugged English superman with a knack for disaster. and a dashing highway

Autor: Cathy Maxwell

Cena: 78.90

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Agnes Grey

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Written when she was twenty-six. Agnes Grey is Anne Bronte’s first novel. It tells the story of a rector’s daughter who has to earn her living as a governess when her family enters a financial crisis. Drawing directly from her own experiences. Anne Bronte set out to describe the immense pressures that the governess’ life involved: the frustration. the isolation. and the insensitive and cruel treatment on the part of employers and their families.Mature. insightful. and edged with a quiet irony. this debut displays a keen sense of moral responsibility and sharp eye for bourgeois attitudes and behavior-and the corrosive power of wealth.

Autor: Anne Bronte

Cena: 87.90

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es Book Review) includes: -‚;The Mist’ -‚;Here There Be Tygers’ -‚;The Monkey’ -‚;Cain Rose Up’ -‚;Mrs. Todd’s Shortcut’ -‚;The Jaunt’ -‚;The Wedding Gig’ -‚;Paranoid: A Chant’ -‚;The Raft’- ‚;Word Processor of the Gods’ -‚;The Man Who Would Not Shake Hands’ -‚;Beachworld’ -‚;The Reaper’s Image’ -‚;Nona’ -‚;For Owen’ -‚;Survivor Type’ -‚;Uncle Otto’s Truck’ -‚;Morning Deliveries (Milkman No. 1)’ -‚;Big Wheels: a Tale of the Laundry Game (Milkman No. 2)’ -‚;Gramma’ -‚;The Ballad of the Flexible Bullet’ -‚;The Reach’ King is best known for his iconic. immersive long novels. but he is also a master of the short story. and this is a magnificent collection.

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Stephen King


Cena: 9999


Incredibly Guilty: A Comic Moral Fable

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A BBC Radio 4 comedy drama written by the award-winning screen and stage dramatist Marcy Kahan. and starring Stephen Mangan as Ed. whose life is about to change forever when he accidentally puts National Treasure Penhaligon Rhinehart into a coma. First broadcast as the ‚Afternoon Play’ on 14 January 2011. It’s an important day for Ed Hanson. He has to do two things: present a ‚vision statement’ to keep hold of his job and propose marriage to his girlfriend. Lucinda. What isn’t on Ed’s list of things to do is put Penhaligon Rhinehart – author. barrister. circus-clown and National Treasure – into a coma. Ed’s life will never be quite the same again… Starring Stephen Mangan (‚Green Wing’. ‚Adrian Mole’) as Ed Hanson and Naomi Frederick (‚The Trial of Tony Blair’) as Lucinda. Also featuring Sean Baker. Joanna Monro. Adeel Akhtar. Naomi Sheldon. Lloyd Thomas and Christine Kavanagh. Directed by Sally Avens.

Autor: Marcy Kahan

Cena: 32.90

Marcy Kahan: MP3

Dom w malinowym chruśniaku

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Przeszłość może o sobie przypomnieć i nieźle namieszać w życiu w najbardziej niespodziewanym momencie.

Przekonuje się o tym Alicja. odnosząca sukcesy prawniczka. która przed laty straciła miłość swojego życia i została sama z córeczką. Teraz. gdy wreszcie w malowniczej Malinówce znajduje swoje miejsce. a także nowego mężczyznę. nagle jej świat zostaje wywrócony do góry nogami.

Czy Alicja zdecyduje się wrócić do tego. co dawno minęło? Czy na nowo pozna smak szczęścia i miłości?

Nowa książka Haliny Kowalczuk to jak zwykle porcja wzruszeń przyprawiona szczyptą magii.

Autor: Halina Kowalczuk

Cena: 29.95

Halina Kowalczuk: MP3

Mia and the Too Big Tutu

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Meet Mia. the kitten who loves ballet! This sweet I Can Read storys warm. tender text and dance dictionary is perfect for fans of the Tallulah books and for aspiring ballerinas of all ages. On her first day at dance class. Mia cant wait to put on her bouncy pink tutu. Theres only one problem: her tutu is too-too big! It falls down and Mia falls over it with every step. But just as Mia starts to get upset. she meets Rubyand Mia realizes that no setback is too hard to handle with a good friend by your side.Mia and the Too Big Tutu is a My First I Can Read book. which means its perfect for shared reading with a child.

Autor: Robin Farley. Olga Ivanov. Aleksey Ivanov

Cena: 9.90

Robin Farley. Olga Ivanov. Aleksey Ivanov: MP3

Christmas Wedding

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The tree is decorated. the cookies are baked. and the presents are wrapped. but the biggest celebration this Christmas is Gaby Summerhill’s wedding. Since her husband died three years ago. Gaby’s four children have drifted apart. each consumed by the turbulence of their own lives. They haven’t celebrated Christmas together since their father’s death. but when Gaby announces that she’s getting married – and that the groom will remain a secret until the wedding day – she may finally be able to bring them home for the holidays.But the wedding isn’t the only surprise – there is one more unexpected gift. and it could change all their lives for ever.With deeply affecting characters and the emotional twists of a James Patterson thriller. The Christmas Wedding is a fresh look at family and the magic of the festive season.

Autor: James Patterson

Cena: 37.90

James Patterson: MP3

the tale from the perspective of participants at all levels. from presidents and prime?ministers to ambitious generals. from war-weary lieutenants to terrified teenage riflemen. When Germany at last surrenders. we understand anew both the devastating cost of this global conflagration and the awe-inspiring effort that led to Germanys?surrender. With the stirring final volume of this monumental trilogy. Rick Atkinsons remarkable accomplishment is manifest. He has produced the definitive chronicle of the war that restored freedom to the West. His lively. occasionally lyric prose brings the vast theater of battle. from the beaches of Normandy deep into Germany. brilliantly alive. It is hard to imagine a better history of the western fronts final phase.

Kategoria: Autor

Rick Atkinson


Cena: 9999


Drip. Drop

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A Junior Library Guild SelectionDrip! Drop!Plip! Plop!Oh. no! cried Pip Squeak.Ive got a leak!A nighttime rainstorm sends Pip Squeak scrambling to catch the drips pouring through his leaky roof. But the drops just wont stop. and soon its wetter inside the house than out!Sarah Weekss spirited story and Jane Mannings dazzling pictures will delight beginning readers as they follow Pip Squeaks comic adventure to the very last drop!

Autor: Sarah Weeks

Cena: 9.90

Sarah Weeks: MP3


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It was a crime scene Edgar Allan Poe himself could have conjured. only it was all too real: workers demolishing a nineteenth-century Greenwich Village brownstone where Poe once lived unearthed the skeleton of a young woman — buried standing upright behind a brick wall. Manhattan Assistant D.A. Alexandra Cooper takes on the gruesome case while in pursuit of the Silk Stocking Rapist. who is terrorizing the Upper East Side. But Alex discovers that one crime thread leads to the other as she follows a trail of clues to the Bronx Botanical Gardens. where a group of Poe devotees may shed light on a stone-cold. modern-day murder of gothic proportions…and a cunning killer with a bone-chilling tale to tell.

Autor: Linda Fairstein

Cena: 102.90

Linda Fairstein: MP3

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