Bottom of the Sky

Bottom of the Sky Kategoria: Pozostałe Two abused children cling like paper in the rain. bleeding saneness and self. One lets go. only to discover the abuse Wall Street deals its Main Street clients is more cunning. if not more brutal. than that doled out at the end of a dirt road. One is stranded…

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Bottom of the Sky

Kategoria: Pozostałe

Two abused children cling like paper in the rain. bleeding saneness and self. One lets go. only to discover the abuse Wall Street deals its Main Street clients is more cunning. if not more brutal. than that doled out at the end of a dirt road. One is stranded at the end of that road. This is the three-decade saga of Levi and Lam Monroe. The Bottom of the Sky is an aching rags-to-riches family saga that surges from rural squalor to the opulent power chambers of Wall Street and Silicon Valley. The story contrasts the thirty-year struggles of an abused sister and brother who seek to reclaim themselves from their abhorrent past. One is abandoned to a life of sexual desecration and addiction. The other escapes with his demons and wields his uncanny genius and unrelenting ambition to amass staggering wealth. Greed and betrayal drive a tense plot involving the FBI. the SEC. and billions of dollars fleeced from brokerage customers and shareholders. while isolation

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Chris and Sara from Inside Out return in the explosive finale to Ellas story from New York Times bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones with the third book in the sexy. suspenseful Careless Whispers series.Passion burns fiercely hot between Ella Ferguson and Kayden Wilkens. the man who held secrets and lies in his hands. and then allowed them to fall into hers. But even though he has become her anchorhelping her recover from amnesia after finding her unconscious in an alley. and allowing her into his secret worldall is not what it seems. Kayden still has secrets. and pieces of Ellas past are still shrouded in the darkness of her mind. while the powerful man who hunts her will not stop until she is his. In this final. explosive novel in the Careless Whispers series. Ella discovers that while her life with Kayden didnt begin in that dark alley…it could easily end there.

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Surviving a Shark Attack (On Land)

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Filled with her trademark no-nonsense voice. and building on the principles developed during her long career as a licensed therapist. Dr. Laura Schlessinger shows readers how to survive enemiestraitors. backstabbers. and saboteursat work and at home. As in her previous books. including Bad ChildhoodGood Life. Stop Whining. Start Living. and In Praise of Stay at Home Moms (an instant New York Times bestseller). Dr. Laura offers readers the perceptive. common-sense insight they need to live healthier. better lives.

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Sharpeas Gold: The Destruction of Almeida. August 1810 (The Sharpe Series. Book 9)

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Captain Sharpes task is to recover from a feared guerilla leader the gold Wellington so desperately needs.The enemy he faces strikes terror into the hearts of all around a renegade guerilla band whose leader has a particular loathing for Sharpe who has stolen his woman.Soldier. hero. rogue Sharpe is the man you always want on your side. Born in poverty. he joined the army to escape jail and climbed the ranks by sheer brutal courage. He knows no other family than the regiment of the 95th Rifles whose green jacket he proudly wears.

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Blind Assassin

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Available for the first time as a downloadable audio file. `Ten days after the war ended. my sister Laura drove a car off a bridge.’ Thus begins The Blind Assassin. Margaret Atwood’s new novel. Laura Chase’s older sister Iris. married at eighteen to a politically prominent industrialist but now poor and eighty-two. is living in Port Ticonderoga. a town dominated by their once-prosperous family before the First War. While bewailing her unreliable body and deriding those who try to help her. Iris reflects on her far from exemplary life and her perilous times. but in particular on the events surrounding her sister’s tragic early death. Chief among these was the publication of The Blind Assassin. a novel which earned the dead Laura Chase a dollop of notoriety as well as a cult following: as Iris says. she herself lives `in the long shadow cast by Laura’. Sexually explicit for its time and place. The Blind Assassin describes a risky affair in the turbul

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The long-awaited sequel to My Sweet Audrina. one of V.C. Andrewss strangest. most beloved booksand now a Lifetime movie! Whitefern swallowed Audrinas childhoodand now the sprawling Victorian mansion threatens her adult life tooAudrina remembers a better time. when her husband. Arden. was a young man with a heart filled with devotion for her. He didnt used to be this ambitious. expansivethis cruel. But then. the death of Aurdinas father changed a great many things. When the reading of her fathers will reveals that Audrina herself will control fifty-one percent of the family brokeragethe halls of Whitefern again dont feel safe. Ardens protestations become frantic. nearly violent. And while Audrina didnt anticipate running the family business. shes curious to do so. And she cant help but wonder what had made her father change his will at the last minute? What did he know about Arden that she didnt? Trapped in the middle of it all: her fragile. simple sisterthe beaut

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