Truth & Beauty

Truth & Beauty Kategoria: Pozostałe The author of Bel Canto — winner of the PEN/Faulkner Award. the Orange Prize and long-running New York Times bestseller — turns to nonfiction in a moving chronicle of her decades-long friendship with the critically acclaimed and recently deceased author. Lucy Grealy.What happens when the person who is your family…

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Truth & Beauty

Kategoria: Pozostałe

The author of Bel Canto — winner of the PEN/Faulkner Award. the Orange Prize and long-running New York Times bestseller — turns to nonfiction in a moving chronicle of her decades-long friendship with the critically acclaimed and recently deceased author. Lucy Grealy.What happens when the person who is your family is someone you aren’t bound to by blood? What happens when that person is not your lover. but your best friend? In her frank and startlingly intimate first work of nonfiction. Truth Beauty. Ann Patchett shines light on the little-explored world of women’s friendships and shows us what it means to stand together.Ann Patchett and Lucy Grealy met in college in 1981. and after enrolling in the Iowa Writer’s Workshop began a friendship that would be as defining to both of their lives as their work. In her critically acclaimed memoir. Autobiography of a Face. Lucy Grealy wrote about the first half of her life. In Truth Beauty. the story isn’t Lucy’s lif

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Wilmot enters a secret world of gangsters. greed and murder. with his mystery patron at the center of it all. either as the mastermind behind a plot to forge a painting worth hundred of millions. or as the man who will save Wilmot from obscurity and madness.Miraculously inventive. this book cements Gruber’s reputation as one of the most imaginative and gifted writers of our time.

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Michael Gruber


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‚ camp. return to London with the information. and then proceed to find himself a wife.Already in Freetown. Miss Aileen Hopkins is set on finding her younger brother Will. a naval lieutenant who has mysteriously disappeared. Determined and resolute. Aileen is not about to allow anyone to turn her from her path. But all too quickly. that path grows dark and dangerous. And then Robert Frobisher appears and attempts to divert her in more ways than one.Accustomed to managing diplomats and bureaucrats. Robert discovers that manipulating a twenty-seven-year-old spinster lies outside his area of expertise. Prodded by an insistent need to protect Aileen. he realizes that joining forces with her is the surest path to meeting all the challenges before him-completing his mission. keeping her safe. and securing the woman he wants as his wife.But the villains strike and disrupt their careful plans-leaving Robert and Aileen no choice but to attempt a last throw of the dice to complete his mission an

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Unexpected love-plus passion. intrigue. and danger-challenge our hero to embrace his true nature.#1 New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Laurens continues the Adventurers Quartet. a riveting blend of Regency-era high seas adventure. a mystery shrouded in the heat of tropical jungles. and the passionate romances of four couples and their unexpected journeys into love.After a decade of captaining diplomatic voyages for Frobisher Shipping alongside covert missions for the Crown. Captain Robert Frobisher decides that establishing a home-with hearth and wife-should be his next challenge. But an unexpected mission intervenes. Although Robert sees himself as a conservative businessman-cum-diplomat and this mission is far from his usual sphere. it nevertheless falls within the scope of his abilities. As matters are urgent. he agrees to depart for West Africa forthwith. To Robert. his way forward is clear: get to Freetown. determine the location of a slavers

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Power Brokers

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For more than a century. the interplay between private. investor-owned electric utilities and government regulators has shaped the electric power industry in the United States. Provision of an essential service to largely dependent consumers invited government oversight and ever more sophisticated market intervention. The industry has sought to manage. co-opt. and profit from government regulation. In The Power Brokers. Jeremiah Lambert maps this complex interaction from the late nineteenth century to the present day.Lambert’s narrative focuses on seven important industry players: Samuel Insull. the principal industry architect and prime mover; David Lilienthal. chairman of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). who waged a desperate battle for market share; Don Hodel. who presided over the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) in its failed attempt to launch a multiplant nuclear power program; Paul Joskow. the MIT economics professor who foresaw a restructured

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Richard II

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A KING BECOMES A MANRichard II is dangerously out of touch with his kingdom. He wastes money. raises taxes to support his lavish lifestyle. plays favorites. and cares more about his vanity than the common good. When Henry Bolingbroke-father of the future Henry V-challenges Richard for the throne. it’s a fight the king can’t win. But in losing his crown he gains far greater things: his humanity and his soul. Shakespeare’s luminous. poetic masterpiece is the first of four plays that chronicle the House of Lancaster’s rise and the beginning of the Wars of the Roses.

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Birkett And The Green Bicycle

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The casebook of Norman Birkett KC (1883-1962) covers pretty much every story that entertained the readers of News of the World between the wars. Birkett was a busy man who. in those days before legal specialisation. could at any one time be dealing simultaneously with a juicy murder. a society divorce or a livid libel action. In this episode. the celebrated advocate deals with a case of murder. pacifism and chocolate. Starring Neil Dudgeon as Birkett. with Bonnie Engstrom. Alun Raglan. Nicholas Jones. James Lailey Cox. Adam Billington. Gerard McDermott. Francine Chamberlain. Christopher Webster and Simon Bubb. Written by Caroline and David Stafford.

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