Until You’re Mine

Until You’re Mine Kategoria: Pozostałe You have something that someone else wants.At any cost …Claudia seems to have the perfect life.She’s heavily pregnant with a much wanted baby. she has a loving husband. and a beautiful home.And then Zoe steps into her life. Zoe has come to help Claudia when her baby arrives.But there’s something…

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Until You’re Mine

Kategoria: Pozostałe

You have something that someone else wants.At any cost …Claudia seems to have the perfect life.She’s heavily pregnant with a much wanted baby. she has a loving husband. and a beautiful home.And then Zoe steps into her life. Zoe has come to help Claudia when her baby arrives.But there’s something about Zoe that Claudia doesn’t like. Or trust.And when she finds Zoe in her bedroom. Claudia’s anxiety turns to real fear …

Autor: Samantha Hayes

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From Moonshine to Armadillos

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Veteran award-winning producer Joe Bevilacqua hosts this hour-long program outlining the history of Threadgill’s and Armadillo World Headquarters. their contribution to the birth of the Austin music scene. and their influence on the Nashville sound and country rock.”This program offers a soup to nuts history of Austin’s growth into the live music Mecca that it’s become today. The show is more than just contemporary talking heads and music-it features an amazing collection of archival interviews and recordings (including tape of some never-before-heard early Janis Joplin performances. which should qualify as an authentic archival treasure). The production is well put-together. flowing smoothly between many different elements.”-Eric Nuzum. NPR’s vice president of programming

Autor: Joe Bevilacqua. Kenneth Threadgill. Willie Nelson

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What Women Want

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Paco Underhill. the author of the hugely successful Why We Buy and Call of the Mall. reports on the growing importance of women in everybody’s marketplace-what makes a package. product. space. or service „female friendly.” Underhill offers a tour of the world’s marketplace-with shrewd observations and practical applications to help everybody adapt to the new realities. As large numbers of women become steadily wealthier. more powerful. and more independent. their choices and preferences are transforming our commercial environment in a variety of important ways. from the cars we drive to the food we eat; from how we buy and furnish our homes to how we gamble. play. and use the Internet-in short. how we spend our time and money. With the same flair and humor that made his previous books universally appealing. Underhill examines how a woman’s role as homemaker has evolved into homeowner and what women look for in a home. How the home gym and home office are linked to the women’s health movement and home-based businesses. Why the refrigerator has trumped the stove as the crucial appliance. How every major hotel chain in the world has redesigned rooms and services for the female business traveler. Why some malls. appealing to women. are succeeding while others fail. What women look for online and why some retail websites. like Amazon. attract women while other sites turn them off. „The point is.” writes Underhill. „while men were busy doing other things. women were becoming a major social. cultural. and economic force.” And. as he warns. no business can afford to ignore their power and presence.

Autor: Paco Underhill

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From the renowned artist and author Patti Smith. an inspired exploration of the nature of creative invention.A work of creative brilliance may seem like magic-its source a mystery. its impact unexpectedly stirring. How does an artist accomplish such an achievement. connecting deeply with an audience never met? In this groundbreaking book. one of our culture’s beloved artists offers a detailed account of her own creative process. inspirations. and unexpected connections.Patti Smith first presents an original and beautifully crafted tale of obsession-a young skater who lives for her art. a possessive collector who ruthlessly seeks his prize. a relationship forged of need both craven and exalted. She then takes us on a second journey. exploring the sources of her story. We travel through the South of France to Camus’ house. and visit the garden of the great publisher Gallimard where the ghosts of Mishima. Nabokov. and Genet mingle. Smith tracks down Simone Weil’s grave

Autor: Michael Elihu Colby

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Science Fiction Hall of Fame. Vol. 1. 1929-1964

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The definitive collection of the best in science fiction stories between 1929 and 1964This book contains twenty-six of the greatest science fiction stories ever written. They represent the considered verdict of the Science Fiction Writers of America. those who have shaped the genre and who know. more intimately than anyone else. what the criteria for excellence in the field should be. The authors chosen for the Science Fiction Hall Fame are the men and women who have shaped the body and heart of modern science fiction; their brilliantly imaginative creations continue to inspire and astound new generations of writers and fans.In „The Roads Must Roll.” Robert Heinlein describes an industrial civilization of the future caught up in the deadly flaws of its own complexity. „Country of the Kind.” by Damon Knight. is a frightening portrayal of biological mutation. „Nightfall.” by Isaac Asimov. one of the greatest stories in the science fiction field. is the story of a planet where the sun sets only once every millennium and is a chilling study in mass psychology.Originally published in 1970 to honor those writers and their stories that had come before the institution of the Nebula Awards. The Science Fiction Hall Of Fame. Vol. 1. was the book that introduced tens of thousands of young readers to the wonders of science fiction. Too long unavailable. this new edition will treasured by all science fiction fans everywhere.This collection also includes an introduction by Robert Silverberg and stories by Stanley G. Weinbaum. John W. Campbell. Lester del Rey. Theodore Sturgeon. Lewis Padgett. Clifford D. Simak. Fredric Brown. Murray Leinster. Judith Merril. Cordwainer Smith. Ray Bradbury. C. M. Kornbluth. Richard Matheson. Fritz Leiber. Anthony Boucher. James Blish. Arthur C. Clarke. Jerome Bixby. Tom Godwin. Alfred Bester. Daniel Keyes. and Roger Zelazny.

Autor: Robert Silverberg. Robert A. Heinlein. Arthur C. Clarke

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more satisfying lives.

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Gordon B. Hinckley


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