Kevin Eldon Will See you Now: The Complete Series 2

Kevin Eldon Will See you Now: The Complete Series 2 Kategoria: Pozostałe Comedy’s best kept secret ingredient gets another series of his own hit sketch show. This is the complete second series. containing sketches. characters. sound effects. a bit of music. some messin’ about. you know…Kevin Eldon is a comedy phenomenon. He’s been in virtually…

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Kevin Eldon Will See you Now: The Complete Series 2

Kategoria: Pozostałe

Comedy’s best kept secret ingredient gets another series of his own hit sketch show. This is the complete second series. containing sketches. characters. sound effects. a bit of music. some messin’ about. you know…Kevin Eldon is a comedy phenomenon. He’s been in virtually every major comedy show in the last fifteen years. but not content with working with the likes of Chris Morris. Steve Coogan. Armando Iannucci. Harry Enfield & Paul Whitehouse. Stewart Lee. Julia Davis and Graham Linehan. he finally decided to put together his own comedy series for BBC Radio 4.After all the waiting – Kevin Eldon Will See You Now…Appearing in the series are Amelia Bullmore („I’m Alan Partridge”. „Scott & Bailey”). Julia Davis („Nighty Night”). Paul Putner („Little Britain”). Justin Edwards („The Thick Of It”). David Reed („The Penny Dreadfuls”) and Catherine Shepherd („Cardinal Burns”. „Harry & Paul”).In the first episode. we meet Kim Jong Un’s haircut and David Livingstone’s trousers. plus we extol the wonders of drink and sneezing. Episode two. and we get to shape some hedges. eat some cheese.and play an exciting round of Ten Man’s Nancy. In the third episode. if you’ve ever been abducted by an alien. had an idea for a novelty teatowel or simply love escarpments. then this is the show for you. It’s also the show for you if you don’t have any of the afore-mentioned qualifications. And finally. in the fourth episode. carpentry. subatomic physics. Winston Churchill and how to deal with troublesome slugs all come under the microscope. Not really the best instrument for examining any of these things. one would’ve thought. but there you go.

Autor: Kevin Eldon. Joel Morris. Jason Hazeley

Cena: 20.90

Kevin Eldon. Joel Morris. Jason Hazeley: MP3

Long Texan

Kategoria: Pozostałe

Two thrilling Western stories set in Arizona. in which strong and silent cowboys use their wits to overcome bullies while avoiding gunplay as much as possible.The first story. „Scalisi Claws Leather.” is set in Arizona during the Prohibition era. The notorious Chicago gangster Pete Scalisi has come to the Bar BQ dude ranch to hide out for a while. He has only contempt for the hicks he encounters at the Bar BQ. but waitress Rose Dunn and top cowhand Jim Falconer show him a thing or two. Scalisi has some lessons to learn about Westerners. and he will have to learn them the hard way. In the title story. „Long Texan.” Boone Sibley arrives in Tough Nut. Arizona. just in time to save a small child that wanders into the line of fire in a shootout. But instead of getting a hero’s welcome. saving the kid puts Sibley on the wrong side of Whip Quinn and his gang. who are used to doing as they please with no one standing against them. Quinn suggest that Tucson would be a better place for Sibley. But Sibley embodies the code of the west. and says he likes the climate and the people in Tough Nut. and that’s where he plans to stay. But if that’s what he wants. he has to first deal with Quinn framing him for stage robbery and murder.

Autor: William MacLeod Raine

Cena: 102.90

William MacLeod Raine: MP3

Everything and Nothing

Kategoria: Pozostałe

A gripping psychological suspense readCupboards were sticky from spilt jam and honey. and the oven smoked when you turned it on because of the fat that had built up over the years. Agatha would never. ever let her future home end up like this. She would never leave it every day like Ruth did. She would never put her trust in strangers. Ruth and Christian are – just – holding their marriage together. after Christian’s disastrous affair a year ago. But chaos beckons. and when the family are suddenly left without any childcare. Agatha comes into their lives to solve all their problems. But Agatha is not as perfect as she seems and her love for the children masks a deeper secret. Everything and Nothing is a stunningly assured debut. superbly evoking an atmosphere of inexorable and sinister menace that builds to a mesmerising climax in a story that is. at its heart. about thwarted and damaged love.

Autor: Araminta Hall

Cena: 102.90

Araminta Hall: MP3

Zlikwidować Paryż

Kategoria: Pozostałe

Zlikwidować Paryż to siódma część wojennego cyklu Svena Hassela o członkach 27. Pułku Pancernego kompanii karnej w armii niemieckiej. opartego na wspomnieniach autora. Sven wraz z resztą bohaterów znanych z poprzednich powieści trafia do Francji. Wojska aliantów zdobywają przewagę i szturmem zbliżają się do Paryża. Niemcom nie pozostaje już nic innego jak tylko desperacki plan całkowitego zniszczenia stolicy Francji. W powietrzu czuć koniec wojny. jednak czy bohaterom uda się dożyć tej chwili?

Hassel w swoich powieściach ukazuje wojnę z perspektywy jednostki. walczącej o przetrwanie. Bohaterowie cyklu pochodzą z różnych warstw społecznych. są różnej narodowości. lecz łączy ich jedno – nadzieja na przeżycie. Wojna u Hassela to brutalne szaleństwo pozbawione celu. a okupione krwią żołnierzy – zwyczajnych ludzi.

Sven Hassel (1917-2012) był autorem książek z czasów II Wojny Światowej. Napisał czternaście książek o bitwach na Froncie Wschodnim.

Powieści Hassela opierają się na jego własnych doświadczeniach ze służby w kompanii karnej armii niemieckiej podczas II Wojny Światowej. Są świadectwem brutalności wojny i pokazują wyjątkową perspektywę desperackiej walki o przetrwanie wiecznie zbędnego żołnierza

Hassel debiutował w 1953 roku powieścią „Legion potępieńców”. a w ślad za nią ukazało się pozostałych trzynaście tytułów. Cała seria została opublikowana w ponad 50 krajach. przetłumaczona na ponad 25 języków i sprzedana w ponad 53 milionach egzemplarzy na całym świecie.

Autor: Sven Hassel

Cena: 14.90

Sven Hassel: MP3

Bitter Sun

Kategoria: Pozostałe

It all started when we found the body.Then nothing was ever the same.The Dry meets Stand by Me and True Detective in this stunningly written tale of the darkness at the heart of a small mid-Western town and the four kids who uncover it.In the heatwave summer of 1971. four kids find a body by a lake and set out to solve a murder. But they dig too deep and ask too many questions.Larson is a town reeling in the wake of the Vietnam draft. where the unrelenting heat ruins the harvest. and the people teeter on the edge of ruin.As tension and paranoia run rife. rumours become fact. violence becomes reflex. The unrest allows the dark elements of the close-knit farming community to rise and take control.And John. Jenny. Gloria and Rudy are about to discover that sometimes secrets are best left uncovereda

Autor: Beth Lewis

Cena: 69.90

Beth Lewis: MP3

Dead Woman Walking

Kategoria: Pozostałe

Random House presents the unabridged. downloadable audiobook edition of Dead Woman Walking by Sharon Bolton. ready by Julia Barrie.Just before dawn in the hills near the Scottish border. a man murders a young woman. At the same time. a hot-air balloon crashes out of the sky. There’s just one survivor. She’s seen the killer’s face – but he’s also seen hers. And he won’t rest until he’s eliminated the only witness to his crime. Alone. scared. trusting no one. she’s running to where she feels safe – but it could be the most dangerous place of all . . .

Autor: Sharon Bolton

Cena: 49.90

Sharon Bolton: MP3

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