Crying Blood

Crying Blood Kategoria: Pozostałe In the autumn of 1915. Shaw Tucker. his brother. James. and their sons. go on a hunting trip to the derelict farm his stepfather had bought years before. Instead of a quail. Shaw’s dog. Buttercup. retrieves an old boot with the bones of a foot inside. Her discovery leads the men…

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Crying Blood

Kategoria: Pozostałe

In the autumn of 1915. Shaw Tucker. his brother. James. and their sons. go on a hunting trip to the derelict farm his stepfather had bought years before. Instead of a quail. Shaw’s dog. Buttercup. retrieves an old boot with the bones of a foot inside. Her discovery leads the men to a shallow grave and a skeleton with a bullet hole in the skull. After settling in their tents for the night. Shaw awakens to see a pair of moccasin-clad legs strolling by his tent flap. He chases the intruder. who has disappeared so completely that Shaw wonders if he imagined the whole thing. including the ghostly voice that called his name. Even after he returns home. Shaw can’t shake the memory of the disembodied legs and the ghostly voice. His concern is justified when he realizes that someone – or something – has followed him home. His dread turns to relief when he captures a young Creek Indian boy who says his name is Crying Blood. The boy had followed Shaw. hoping to find the wh

Autor: Hanna Krall

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God Spelled Backwards

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Finalist for the 2015 Beverly Hills Book Award2015 Gold Medal winner at Dan Poynter’s Global Ebook AwardsWhen newlywed actress Sylva Kelegian shows up at a Manhattan veterinary clinic to walk a rescue dog. a strawberry-blonde puppy stumbles down the stairs and into her heart-opening it to the plight of hurt and abandoned dogs everywhere. After a move to Los Angeles with her actor husband. Sylva finds her marriage and burgeoning career challenged by the dramas of good and evil. darkness and light. played out every day in the streets. backyards. and homes of rich and poor pet owners alike.God Spelled Backwards traces Sylva’s journey from reluctant New York dog adopter to passionate animal rescuer in Hollywood and shows us what one determined woman can accomplish in pursuit of the hope that. one day. man’s best friend will be treated as such.

Autor: Sylva Kelegian

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Devil’s Bones

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In two previous New York Times bestselling novels. Jefferson Bass enthralled readers with ripped-from-the-headlines forensic cases. memorable characters. and plots that „rival Kathy Reichs and Patricia Cornwell” (Seattle Post-Intelligencer). Drawing on research at the Body Farmthree acres of land in the backwoods of Tennessee. where bodies are left to the elements to illuminate human decompositionBass has moved fiction to a fascinating new realm. with forensics expertise drawn from his five decades of work as the world’s leading forensic anthropologist. But this latest novel cements Jefferson Bass as one of the finest writers of suspense working today. and in a work of drama. cunning. and heartbreak. thrills the reader with fiction that feels all too real. A woman’s charred body has been found inside a burned car perched atop a hill in Knoxville. Is it accidental death. or murder followed by arson? Forensic anthropologist Bill Brockton’s quest for answers prompts an experiment straight from Dante’s Inferno: In the dark of night. he puts bodies to the torch. researching how fire consumes flesh and bone. In the meantime. Brockton is sent a mysterious packagea set of cremated remains that looks entirely unreal. With the help of a local crematorium. he investigates and discovers a truth too horrifying to believe: A facility in another state has not been disposing of bodies properly. instead scattering them all around the grounds.Little does Brockton know that his research is about to collide with realitywith the force of a lit match meeting spilled gasoline. En route to trial. his nemesis. medical examiner Garland Hamilton. has escaped from custody. What follows is a deadly game of cat and mouse. played for the ultimate stakes: Brockton’s own life. With help from his loyal graduate assistant. Miranda. and ace criminalist Art Bohanan. Brockton eventually tracks Hamilton. but when the police arrive. they find only a smoldering ruin. Sifting through the ashes. Brockton finds the incinerated remains of Hamilton . . . or does he? The answeralong with Brockton’s ultimate testcomes in a searing moment of truth.

Autor: Jefferson Bass

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Don’t Fire Them. Fire them Up

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One of the most dynamic and original audio programs to come around in some time. Don’t Fire Them. Fire Them Up tells the listener how to build a winning business team — how to develop trust. create loyalty. and generate enthusiasm and excitement. It explains how to build or rebuild an organization. lead and energize it. and put it on top and keep it there. year after year. When Frank Pacetta became district manager of Xerox’s Cleveland sales office. that district was a disaster area. dragging along near the bottom of Xerox’s national organization. Within a year. Pacetta had turned it around. making Cleveland first in the region and fourth nationally out of sixty-five sales districts. In his four years in Cleveland. revenues went from $56 million to $106 million and it took the team approach to make it happen. Pacetta has since moved to the Mid-Ohio District where he and his team are back on top! Here he explains how you can take your compan

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Pozwólcie pieskom przyjść do mnie

Kategoria: Powieści i opowiadania

Debiut literacki depresyjnego rysownika skandalisty Bolesława Chromrego.

Po powieściach graficznych. („Pokrzywy”. „Renata”) i świetnie przyjętych notesach/poradnikach („Notes dla ludzi uczulonych na gluten i laktozę”. „Elementarz Polski dla Polaka i Polki z Polski”) autor wziął na swój warsztat fabułę.

Bartek i Dorota czują się trochę bardziej „alternatywni” niż są w rzeczywistości. Może i kwestionują pojęcie małżeństwa. mają tatuaże. na półce stoi antologia poezji gejowskiej i „Czarodziejska Góra”. rolę dziecka pełni pies Gizmo. a w sobotnie przedpołudnia piją prosecco. Ale umówmy się – to (z drobnymi różnicami) sposób życia połowy warszawskiej hipsteriady. Dlatego nie do końca wiadomo z jakich przyczyn to właśnie Bartek i Dorota zostają wciągnięci w środek kryminalnej. psiej intrygi.

Autor: Bolesław Chromry

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The Extra is set in a future California where members of a desperate populace sign contracts to participate in reality death films. knowing that less than twenty percent of them will survive. It’s a view of the future-and Hollywood-as delightfully cynical as Kurt Vonnegut. with sympathetic characters. Hollywood executive sleazeballs. and much more.

Autor: Michael Shea

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Hello. Darkness

Kategoria: Pozostałe

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Seeing Red comes Hello. Darkness. a brilliant. fast-paced tale about a woman haunted by her past and caught in a nightmare that threatens to destroy her future.For Paris Gibson. her popular late-night radio show is both an escape and her one real contact with the outside world. To her loyal listeners. she is a wise and trusted friend who not only takes their requests but listens to their problems and occasionally dispenses advice. Pariss world of isolation is shattered when one listenera man who identifies himself only as Valentinotells her that the girl he loves jilted him because of Paris’s on-air advice. Now he intends to exact his revenge: first he plans to kill the girlthen he will come after Paris. Joined by the Austin police department. Paris plunges into a race against time in an effort to find Valentino before he can carry out his threat. To her dismay. she finds that she must now work with crime psych


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Bright Shiny Morning

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One of the most celebrated and controversial authors in America delivers his first novela sweeping chronicle of contemporary Los Angeles that is bold. exhilarating. and utterly original.Dozens of characters pass across the reader’s sight linessome never to be seen againbut James Frey lingers on a handful of LA’s lost souls and captures the dramatic narrative of their lives: a bright. ambitious young Mexican-American woman who allows her future to be undone by a moment of searing humiliation; a supremely narcissistic action-movie star whose passion for the unattainable object of his affection nearly destroys him; a couple. both nineteen years old. who flee their suffocating hometown and struggle to survive on the fringes of the great city; and an aging Venice Beach alcoholic whose life is turned upside down when a meth-addled teenage girl shows up half-dead outside the restroom he calls home.Throughout this strikingly powerful novel there is the relentles

Autor: Richard Paul Evans

Cena: 76.99

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