Green Glowing Skull

Green Glowing Skull Kategoria: Pozostałe A breathtakingly original. darkly comic. surprisingly contemporary and deeply surreal tale from the author of THIS IS THE WAY. Kerry Group Irish Novel of the Year. After fleeing his dying parents and the drudgery of work in Dublin for the Manhattan of his imagination – a place of romance and…

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Green Glowing Skull

Kategoria: Pozostałe

A breathtakingly original. darkly comic. surprisingly contemporary and deeply surreal tale from the author of THIS IS THE WAY. Kerry Group Irish Novel of the Year. After fleeing his dying parents and the drudgery of work in Dublin for the Manhattan of his imagination – a place of romance and opulence. dark old concert halls and mellow front parlours quieted by the hiss of the phonograph cylinder – Rickard Velily hopes to be reborn as an Irish tenor. and to one day be reunited with the love of his life. At the very peculiar Cha Bum Kun Club. a masonic-style refuge for immigrants who can’t quite cut it in New York City. he meets Denny Kennedy-Logan and Clive Sullis. and a plan is enacted: to revive the art songs and ballads of another time for a hip young city in thrall to technology and money. But that is without reckoning on meddlesome sprites. the phantoms of the past – and more malign forces who plot to subjugate the human race. Green Glowing Sk

Autor: Mickey Spillane. Max Allan Collins

Cena: 102.90

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Saga rodu z Lipowej 12: Odina

Kategoria: Powieści i opowiadania

Kolejna część sagi o rodzie polskich rycerzy.

Odina – córka Ostasza i Zofki. to bękarcie dziecko. które przed laty schorowany dziadek oddał do klasztoru. Jest niezwykle oddana i wierna biskupowi. księciu Henrykowi. Naiwnie spełnia każdą jego zachciankę.
Gdy książę postanawia poślubić kniaziównę Ryngałłę. Odina wpada w rozpacz. Jednak za wszelką cenę pragnie zostać przy swoim panu… Kim tak naprawdę jest ta młoda dziewczyna?

Tymaczasem w tle rozgrywa się podstępna walka Zakonu z królem Jagiełłą.

Marian Piotr Rawinis znany też jako Peter Janees to polski poeta. powieściopisarz. scenarzysta i dziennikarz. To również działacz opozycji i były więzień polityczny w okresie stanu wojennego. Tworzył oraz pełnił funkcję redaktora naczelnego pierwszej niezależnej gazety w Częstochowie – „Dziennik Częstochowski 24 Godziny”. Współpracował z TVP Katowice. Gazetą Wyborczą czy Dziennikiem Polskim. Był również częstochowskim korespondentem PAP. W swoim literackim dorobku autor posiada powieści historyczne. sensacyjne. obyczajowe i kryminalne. np. „Facet z Beauty Falls”. „Martwa natura z księżycem”. W latach 80. publikował pod pseudonimem Peter Janees. Niewątpliwie uznanie czytelników zdobyła „Saga rodu z Lipowej” składająca się z 36 tomów. W 2011 roku pisarz pod pseudonimem Piotr Kukliński wydał kolejną sagę „Dworek nad malwami” (70 tomików). W latach 2015 – 2016 ukazała się trzecia saga autora pt. „Amerykański sen”.

Królewski Wawel. klasztory. gospody. lasy – drogi z nich wszystkich prowadzą do dworu w Lipowej. gdzie od trzech pokoleń dorastają i zakładają rodziny odważni rycerze. Bo Lipowa to dom. A „Saga” to wielotomowa opowieść o pięknych i mądrych kobietach. walecznych mężczyznach. o miłości. rodzinie i szczęściu. o cierpieniu. zdradzie i troskach. O losach zwykłych ludzi w czasach świetności polskiego rycerstwa i walki z zakonem krzyżackim.

Wszystko ma swój początek w dniu. w którym porwany zostaje chłopiec o dziwnym spojrzeniu – ma jedno oko niebieskie. a drugie brązowe.
Jeno – młody kowal z Lipowej – zostaje pasowany na rycerza przez króla Kazimierza Wielkiego. Wraz z Aleną. córką Jakuba z Lipowej. zakłada swój ród. Przeznaczenie realizuje się dalej. gdy na świat przychodzi jego syn Mikołaj…

Autor: Marian Piotr Rawinis

Cena: 12.99

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Beyond the White House

Kategoria: Pozostałe

The presidents personal and passionate account of his twenty-five years in the service of humanitarian effort that won him the Nobel Peace Prize was received with the admiring respect of reviewers and readers and it will stand as the record of his brilliant post-presidential career.This is the story of President Jimmy Carters post-presidency. the most admired and productive in the nations history. Through The Carter Center. which he and Rosalynn Carter founded in 1982. he has fought neglected diseases. waged peace in war zones. and built hope among some of the most forgotten and needy people in the world. Serving in more than seventy nations. Carter has led peacekeeping efforts for Ethiopia. North Korea. Haiti. Bosnia and Herzegovina. Uganda. and Sudan. With his colleagues from The Carter Center. he has monitored more than sixty-five elections in troubled nations. from Palestine to Indonesia. Carters bold initiatives. undertaken with dedicated colleagu


Cena: 9999


Dogs Of War

Kategoria: Pozostałe

An astonishing discovery is made in the remote African republic of Zangaro. one which could change the course of a nation’s history forever. But such a discovery cannot be kept secret for long and Sir James Manson will stop at nothing to protect this find. A ruthless and bloody-minded tycoon. Manson immediately hires an army of mercenaries and with this deadly crew behind him he sets out to topple the government and replace its dictator with a puppet president. But news of the discovery has reached Russia – and suddenly Manson finds he no longer makes the rules in this power game. A game in which win or lose means life or death.In this masterful thriller of international intrigue. Frederick Forsyth delivers a tense. brutal and always believable tale that will satisfy die-hard fans and newcomers alike.

Autor: Frederick Forsyth

Cena: 59.90

Frederick Forsyth: MP3

Laying Ghosts

Kategoria: Pozostałe

When Connie’s beloved husband. Jack. dies after twenty-seven years of marriage. Connie hopes that her only son. Gary. will console her. Gary. however. finds that level of commitment a bit. well. too much of a commitment. Connie is left with interfering neighbor Val until Gary’s girlfriend Sandra rings with some unexpected news.This sets Connie on a journey from a village in the Midlands to Hackney and eventually to Ghana as she finds a way to come to terms with her grief and to forge new friendships and a new life.Starring Maggie Turner. Michael Good. Marishka Tharani. Nic Van Gelder. Ike Ononye. Linda Mathis. Carrie Cohen. and Fran Kirkham

Autor: Clare Reddaway

Cena: 25.90

Clare Reddaway: MP3

Hotel Ruby

Kategoria: Pozostałe

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Program comes a haunting. romantic. and suspenseful story about one girls search for healing in a grand and mysterious hotel full of secrets.Stay tonight. Stay forever. When Audrey Casella arrives for an unplanned stay at the grand Hotel Ruby. shes grateful for the detour. Just months after their mothers death. Audrey and her brother. Daniel. are on their way to live with their grandmother. dumped on the doorstep of a DNA-matched stranger because their father is drowning in his grief. Audrey and her family only plan to stay the night. but life in the Ruby can be intoxicating. extending their stay as it provides endless distractionsincluding handsome guest Elias Lange. who sends Audreys pulse racing. However. the hotel proves to be as strange as it is beautiful. Nightly fancy affairs in the ballroom are invitation only. and Audrey seems to be the one guest who doesnt have an invite. Instead. she joins the hotel staf

Autor: John Sandford

Cena: 46.90

John Sandford: MP3

Bargaining with the Devil

Kategoria: Pozostałe

The art of negotiationfrom one of the countrys most eminent practitioners and the Chair of the Harvard Law Schools Program on Negotiation.One of the countrys most eminent practitioners of the art and science of negotiation offers practical advice for the most challenging conflictswhen you are facing an adversary you dont trust. who may harm you. or who you may even feel is evil. This lively. informative. emotionally compelling book identifies the tools one needs to make wise decisions about lifes most challenging conflicts.

Autor: Robert Mnookin

Cena: 76.90

Robert Mnookin: MP3

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