Casper Candlewacks in the Claws of Crime!

Casper Candlewacks in the Claws of Crime! Kategoria: Pozostałe Jeremy Strong described Ivan’s first Casper Candlewacks book as a „funny and engaging debut”. This is the triumphant follow-up from the funniest new voice in fiction and once again unsung hero. Casper must save the day.Most villages have an idiot but Casper’s village is full of…

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Casper Candlewacks in the Claws of Crime!

Kategoria: Pozostałe

Jeremy Strong described Ivan’s first Casper Candlewacks book as a „funny and engaging debut”. This is the triumphant follow-up from the funniest new voice in fiction and once again unsung hero. Casper must save the day.Most villages have an idiot but Casper’s village is full of them. So being bright makes poor Casper something of an outsider.An infamous cat burglar has struck in the village of Corne-on-the-Kobb. stealing a precious jewelled sword and kidnapping Casper’s baby sister. To make matters worse a gaggle of amateur detectives are on the case. questioning the villagers and getting in the way. Armed only with his wits. an egg-boiling lie-detecting machine and his best friend Lamp. can Casper rescue his sister and save the day?A side-splittingly funny tale for girls and boys

Autor: Ivan Brett

Cena: 39.90

Ivan Brett: MP3

Berserker Lies

Kategoria: Pozostałe

Our wars were behind us. Mankind was moving out from the planet of its birth. New worlds were settled. and with the wealth of the galaxy at hand. poverty was eliminated. Then out of a clear summer sky came the first berserker attack. The great battles began-between life and nonlife. between freethinking humanity and the preprogrammed killing machines we came to call berserkers. And some of those battles would be waged with lies. This collection of short stories continues the ongoing saga of the berserker wars with „The Machinery of Lies.” „Masque of the Red Shift.” „In the Temple of Mars.” „Brother Berserker.” and „Smasher.”

Autor: Fred Saberhagen

Cena: 87.90

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Mega hit na maturę. Biologia 7. Człowiek. Układy: szkieletowy. pokarmowy. krwionośny. oddechowy

Kategoria: Literatura młodzieżowa


Siódmy rozdział dziesięciorozdziałowego kompendium wiedzy biologicznej dla maturzystów. przedstawione w prostej i przejrzystej formie. Zawiera wiele przykładów nieczęsto spotykanych w podręcznikach i przemawiających do wyobraźni. Pozwala na poszerzenie posiadanej wiedzy. a także jej usystematyzowanie i szybkie powtórzenie przed egzaminem.

Zakres materiału i dobór treści jest adekwatny do wymagań egzaminu maturalnego. Uwzględniono najnowszy system klasyfikacji organizmów. co pozwala na uaktualnienie wiedzy ucznia.

Spis treści rozdziału siódmego:

1. Układ szkieletowy człowieka.

2. Kręgosłup człowieka.

3. Klatka piersiowa.

4. Szkiel


Cena: 9999


Ghost Photographer

Kategoria: Pozostałe

‚;A good primer on getting into the psychic realm. this is also. ultimately. a story of unconditional love and healing by a woman you might just want to have a drink with.’ Booklist This inspirational memoir. told with uncensored Southern wit and guidance. recounts the story of a Hollywood film executive who journeys through the cosmic wilderness and. against all odds. discovers psychic superpowers that radically transform her life. As a senior executive at one of the world’s largest movie studios. Julie Rieger spent her days marketing the imaginary stories of ghosts. faeries. superheroes. aliens. and more fantastical creatures. But after the devastating loss of her mother. the world of make-believe became reality when Julie captured her first ghost in a photograph and blew open a door to the Other Side. The Ghost Photographer chronicles Julie’s wild ride down the spiritual rabbit hole. After a series of unexpected. mind-blowing. and sometimes frightening

Autor: Stephanie Marohn

Cena: 87.90

Stephanie Marohn: MP3

1945 – Year of Victory

Kategoria: Pozostałe

A unique collection of historic BBC archive recordings documenting the last months of the Second World War. the euphoria of the victory celebrations. and the dawning of a very different world.In this original compilation of eyewitness accounts. BBC correspondents and official observers describe the contentious fire-bombing of Dresden in February. the liberation of Belsen in April. and the dropping of the atomic bomb in August. At home the July election produced a shock Labour landslide. putting Churchill out of office. Those close to him. politicians and family. analyse the reasons for his defeat. Its consequences were far-reaching. and led ultimately to the foundation of the Welfare State. Gradually the country returned to normal life; cricket and football matches were resumed. and cinema audiences increased as people enjoyed more leisure. At the same time. deadlock with the Soviet Union at the Potsdam conference was sowing the seeds of a new kind o

ISBN: 978-83-7830-914-7

Cena: 9999


Artemis Fowl and the Eternity Code

Kategoria: Pozostałe

The unabridged. downloadable audiobook edition of Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code is the third book in the unbelievably brilliant Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer. Read by the actor Gerry OBrien. Artemis Fowl is attempting to go straight. But theres always time for one last job. Artemis Fowl has created the most powerful new supercomputer known to man – using stolen technology from an elite race of underground fairies. And when the computer falls into the hands of an IT billionaire with a shady past and an alleged mob connection. Artemis is in deep trouble. The consequences for humans and fairies alike are deadly. Only one person. well. fairy. can help him now. If only Artemis Fowl wasnt the fairies public enemy number one . . . Grips like an electromagnet until the last word – Independent Engagingly vivid. exciting and witty – The Telegraph Fast. funny and very exciting – Daily Mail ***Artemis Fowl was winner of the WHSmith Chi

Autor: William Shakespeare

Cena: 76.90

William Shakespeare: MP3

His Christmas Pleasure

Kategoria: Pozostałe

New York Times bestselling author Cathy Maxwell gifts historical romance lovers with a steamy and sensational Christmas present: His Christmas Pleasure. the fourth book in her popular Scandals and Seductions series. The winter holidays have never been hotter than in this delicious tale of a marriage of convenience that becomes an unexpected gift of passionate love in a season of joy and giving.

Autor: Cathy Maxwell

Cena: 78.90

Cathy Maxwell: MP3

Harms’ Way

Kategoria: Pozostałe

„I am unacquainted with evil. there being no mirrors here.” begins the testimony of Ethan Harms. hero of Harms’ Way. Thomas Rayfiel’s dark depiction of prisoners and prison life. Harms’ Way takes us into the chilling world of a super-max detention facility where America’s most psychotic killers are kept in solitary confinement. Yet as we get to know Ethan and explore this world through his wry humor and tragic sense of destiny. we find ourselves uncomfortably at home. We meet Cooney. serial murderer and successful author; Stanley. whose „Halloween-mask features…slack lips and holes-for-eyes” conceal a cunning sadist; Crow. a mute Native American who can spin a man’s head 180 degrees so that one hears „minute bones snapping like breadsticks”; and Littlejohn. the dazzlingly handsome new arrival whose victims’ mouths were found sealed shut with superglue. These „monsters” become as familiar to us as the numbing routine and casual violence of a life lived without hope. While Ethan negotiates this perilous landscape-trying to find redemption. trying to understand his actions-we begin to wonder how much of a difference there is between a prison of steel bars and razor tape and a prison erected by the nature of the human soul itself. In either instance. if one escapes. what lies beyond?In Harms’ Way. Thomas Rayfiel delivers a gripping listen that also poses disturbing questions about our fundamental qualities as moral beings. about the inherent vices and virtues of our much-vaunted „humanity.”

Autor: Thomas Rayfiel

Cena: 102.90

Thomas Rayfiel: MP3

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