Beyond the High Blue Air

Beyond the High Blue Air Kategoria: Pozostałe When Lu Spinney’s twenty-nine-year-old son. Miles. flies up on his snowboard. „he knows he is not in control as he is taken by force up the ramp.” writes his mother. „skewing sideways as his board clips the edge and then he is hurtling. spinning up. up into the…

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Beyond the High Blue Air

Kategoria: Pozostałe

When Lu Spinney’s twenty-nine-year-old son. Miles. flies up on his snowboard. „he knows he is not in control as he is taken by force up the ramp.” writes his mother. „skewing sideways as his board clips the edge and then he is hurtling. spinning up. up into the free blue sky ahead…” He lands hard on the ice and falls into a coma.Thus begins the erratic loss-Miles first in a coma and then trapped in a fluctuating state of minimal consciousness-that unravels over the next five years. Spinney. her husband. and three other children put their lives on hold to tend to Miles at various hospitals and finally in a care home. holding out hope that he will be returned to them. With blunt precision. Spinney chronicles her family’s intimate experience.And yet. as personal a book as this is. it offers universal meaning. presenting an eloquent and piercing description of what it feels to witness an intimate become unfamiliar. This is a story about ambiguous loss: the disappearance of someone who is still there. Three quarters of the way through. however. Spinney’s story takes a turn. The family and. to the degree that he can communicate. Miles himself come to view ending his life as the only possible release from the prison of his body and mind. Cutting her last thread of hope. Spinney wishes for her son to die. and yet even as she allows this difficult revelation to settle. she learns that this is not her decision to make. Because Miles is diagnosed as being in a „minimally conscious state” rather than a „persistent vegetative state.” there is no legal way to bring about his death-a bewildering paradox that Spinney navigates with compassion and wisdom.This profound book encompasses the lyrical revelations of a memoir like Jean-Dominique Bauby’s The Diving Bell and the Butterfly as well as the crucial medical and moral insights of a book like Atul Gawande’s Being Mortal.

Autor: Lu Spinney

Cena: 102.90

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Transfer of Power

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#1 New York Times bestselling author of American Assassinnow a major motion picture America’s most powerful leader becomes its prime target. a ‚;nightmarish’ (Booklist) scenario made all-too-real in this Mitch Rapp thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling author Vince Flynn.The stately calm of a Washington morning is shattered when a group of terrorists descends. killing dozens and taking nearly one hundred hostages as they massacre their way into the White House. The Secret Service evacuates the president to an underground bunkerand while officials argue over how to negotiate with the enemy. Mitch Rapp. the CIAs top counterterrorism operative. moves stealthily among the hidden corridors and secret passageways of the executive mansion. to save the hostages before the terrorists reach the president. But another adversarysomeone within Washingtons eliteis determined to see Rapps rescue mission fail.

Autor: Vince Flynn

Cena: 102.90

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Breakfast with Lucian

Kategoria: Pozostałe

For ten years Geordie Greig was among a very small group of friends who regularly met Lucian Freud for breakfast at Clarke’s restaurant on Kensington Church Street. Over tea and the morning papers. Freud would recount stories of his past and discuss art. It was. in effect. Freud’s private salon. In this kaleidoscopic memoir. Greig remembers Freud’s stories: of death threats; escaping from Nazi Germany; falling out with his brother Clement; loathing his mother; painting David Hockney; sleeping with horses; escaping the Krays; painting the Queen; his controversial role as a father; and why Velazquez was the greatest painter. It is revelatory about his art. his lovers. his children. his enemies and his love of gambling. Freud dared never to do dull. speaking candidly of dancing with Garbo as well as painting Kate Moss naked.Those closest to him. after decades of silence and secrecy. have spoken frankly about what life was like living. loving or sitting for


Cena: 9999


Seriously Joe Bev Radio Drama Collection

Kategoria: Pozostałe

Titles produced and directed by Joe Bevilacqua include:Seven Letters of Love A woman receives seven letters from a former boyfriend. each one revealing highly diverse aspects of his personality. This unique radio drama was written by William Melillo.Michael & Louise It’s Ladies Night at J. August’s when past lovers meet. setting off a series of flashbacks that reveal loves found and loves lost. This „Thirty-Something” style radio drama was written by William Melillo was recording live at J. August’s in New Brunswick. New Jersey.The Dying End? In this post-Apocalyptic drama. Ten is unfrozen and guided into an unfamiliar world by caretaker Barnstormer Pfaff. This original radio play was written by Daws Butler (Yogi Bear).The Ad Game Many years before AMC’s „Mad Men” was a hit. Daws Butler (Yogi Bear) wrote „The Ad Game”. Adam is the top copy writer at his firm when he finds himself in a career crisis that baffles his wife Melissa and his father-in-law Ed. who is his boss… and more…

Autor: Joe Bevilacqua. William Melillo. Charles Dawson Butler

Cena: 87.90

Joe Bevilacqua. William Melillo. Charles Dawson Butler: MP3

ającymi się przeciwnościami. wśród których są lęki i poczucie winy. mające szczególnie destrukcyjną moc. Zawiera liczne pytania angażujące odbiorcę oraz odniesienia do biografii sławnych osób. które dzięki wierze w siebie osiągnęły założone cele. W podręczniku dołączonym do nagrania poza tekstem wykładu znajdziemy fotografie. cytaty oraz bogatą część utrwalającą.

Wykład Jak uwierzyć w siebie otwiera drugą część kolekcji Budowanie jakości życia poprzez rozwój osobowości. zatytułowaną Jak rozwinąć kluczowe cechy osobowości. która wspomaga odbiorcę w rozwijaniu cech szczególnie ważnych w samorozwoju (wiara w siebie. wnikliwość. wytrwałość. odwaga. entuzjazm. realizm). Każdy z sześciu wykładów skupia się na jednej z nich. Opisuje jej istotę i oddziaływanie w codziennym życiu (na bazie konkretnych przykładów). Przedstawia metody

Kategoria: Poradniki

Wiara w siebie to cecha o niezwykłej mocy sprawczej. która może przeobrazić życie. Wynika z głębokiego przekonania. że zdołamy zrealizować każdy cel. który wytyczymy. Jest istotnym elementem dojrzałej i stabilnej osobowości. zwiększa chęć działania i pomaga przetrwać kłopoty. Na czym polega? Dlaczego tak często odczuwamy jej niedosyt i… co z tym zrobić?

Wykład wskazuje czynniki. które osłabiają wewnętrzną ufność we własne możliwości. oraz przedstawia sposoby pozwalające ją wzmocnić. Zwraca naszą uwagę na tak ważne elementy wpływające na wiarę w siebie jak: wiedza (ogólna i branżowa). kompetencje miękkie. zaangażowanie. relacje z ludźmi. niezależność. pasja. impulsy motywujące (na przykład inspirujące programy i książki). Opisuje metody kształcenia umiejętności dostrzegania własnych talentów oraz łączenia ich z wizją życia. Podpowiada. jak radzić sobie z pojawi

Autor: Francesca Haig

Cena: 64.90

Francesca Haig: MP3

Darkness Within

Kategoria: Pozostałe

A gripping new crime novel from the global bestseller Cathy Glass writing as Lisa Stone `The Darkness Within hooked me from the start. Once you start you won’t be able to stop!’ Katerina Diamond. No.1 bestselling author of The Teacher You know your son better than anyone. Don’t you? No-one is born evil…are they? A lorry crashes on a dark wet road. In the wake of the tragedy. a dying man receives another chance at life – but does he really deserve it? And if he lives. will those around him wish he hadn’t? When critically ill Jacob Wilson has a heart transplant. his behaviour becomes very strange. His worried parents and girlfriend try their best to understand his sudden mood swings. but as things worsen. they begin to live in terror of what they might find in their son’s bedroom next – and as Jacob’s personality morphs. so too do the lives of those around him..

Autor: Dorota Guzik

Cena: 94.20

Dorota Guzik: MP3

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