Biznes. czyli sztuka budowania relacji

Biznes. czyli sztuka budowania relacji Kategoria: Poradniki Czy człowiek jest zaprogramowany do efektywnej pracy w zespole? Po czym poznać rokującego menedżera? Czy ekspert musi być arogancki? Co zrobić. kiedy ma się rację. oraz co zrobić. kiedy nie możemy się zdecydować. czy lepiej mieć rację. czy przyjaciół? A co. kiedy ktoś się z nami nie zgadza?…

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Biznes. czyli sztuka budowania relacji

Kategoria: Poradniki

Czy człowiek jest zaprogramowany do efektywnej pracy w zespole? Po czym poznać rokującego menedżera? Czy ekspert musi być arogancki? Co zrobić. kiedy ma się rację. oraz co zrobić. kiedy nie możemy się zdecydować. czy lepiej mieć rację. czy przyjaciół? A co. kiedy ktoś się z nami nie zgadza? Jak postępować z „pasożytami” wokół siebie? Jak reagować na zmianę w okolicy i z kim się wtedy grupować?


Trzymasz w ręku drugie. poprawione (i uładnione!) wydanie bestsellera „Biznes czyli sztuka budowania relacji”. autorstwa Miłosza Brzezińskiego. autora „Głaskologii”. „Życiologii” i „Wy wszyscy moi ja”. Między okładkami autor prowokuje i skłania do zmiany sposobu myślenia o niektórych pozornie trudnych i pozornie łatwych sprawach w pracy zespołowej. Lektura wielce pożyteczna dla tych. którzy chcą być skuteczni. a także dla tych. którzy już są i podążają ku now

Autor: Elizabeth Hand

Cena: 102.90

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Riviera Express (A Miss Dimont Mystery. Book 1)

Kategoria: Pozostałe

‚A delicious adventure’ – Daily MailMurder on the Riviera ExpressGerald Hennessey – silver screen star and much-loved heart-throb – never quite makes it to Temple Regis. the quaint Devonshire seaside town on the English Riviera. Murdered on the 4.30 from Paddington. the loss of this great man throws Temple Regis’ community into disarray.Not least Miss Judy Dimont -corkscrew-haired reporter for the local rag. The Riviera Express. Investigating Gerald’s death. she’s soon called to the scene of a second murder. and. setting off on her trusty moped. Herbert. finds Arthur Shrimsley in an apparent suicide on the clifftops above the town beach.Miss Dimont must prevail – for why was a man like Gerald coming to Temple Regis anyway? What is the connection between him and Arthur? And just how will she get any answers whilst under the watchful and mocking eyes of her infamously cantankerous Editor. Rudyard Rhys?’This is a fabulously satisf


Cena: 9999


Amos ‚n’ Andy Show. Vol. 3

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Here are twelve more episodes of the antics of Amos. Andy. and the Kingfish. along with guest stars. including Jack Benny. Eddie „Rochester” Anderson. and „Wizard of Oz” Frank Morgan.Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll made their radio debut on January 12. 1926. as the comedic blackface characters Sam ‚n’ Henry. On March 19. 1928. they introduced Amos ‚n’ Andy. which went on to become one of the most popular and longest-running programs in radio history. During the height of its popularity. almost the entire country tuned in to their adventures.The characters were members of the Mystic Knights of the Sea Lodge. of which George Stevens was „the Kingfish.” Amos and Andy ran the Fresh-Air Taxi Company. with the more stable. married Amos doing most of the work while Andy chased girls. In 1943. after 4.091 quarter-hour episodes. it switched to a half-hour weekly comedy. Many of the half-hour programs were written by Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher. later the writing team for Leave It to Beaver and The Munsters. Amos ‚n’ Andy became a nightly disc-jockey program from 1954 to 1960. It later was the basis for a comic strip. a television show. and a film.Included here are the following half-hour episodes: „Nieces” (11/04/1933); „Employment Agency” with guests Jack Benny and Eddie „Rochester” Anderson; „DeWitt (11/17/1944); „Cleaning Fluid” with guests Hugh Herbert and Adolphe Menjou (11/14/1944); „Fountain Pen” (12/01/1944); „Brazilian Brass” with guest Frank Morgan (12/08/1944); „Andy Fakes Suicide” (12/15/1944); „Christmas Show” (12/22/1944); „New Year’s Show” (01/29/1944); „Victor Moore Show” with guest Victor Moore (01/05/1945); „George Washington Desk” (01/12/1945); „Adoption Show” (01/19/1945)

Autor: Hollywood 360

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Moving the Palace

Kategoria: Pozostałe

At the dawn of the twentieth century. a young Lebanese adventurer leaves the Levant to explore the wilds of Africa. encountering an eccentric English colonel in Sudan and enlisting in his service. In this lush chronicle of far-flung adventure. the military recruit crosses paths with a compatriot who has dismantled a sumptuous palace in Tripoli and is transporting it across the continent on a camel caravan. The protagonist soon takes charge of this hoard of architectural fragments. ferrying the dismantled landmark through Sudan. Egypt and the Arabian Peninsula. attempting to return to his native Beirut with this moveable real estate. Along the way. he encounters skeptic sheikhs. suspicious tribal leaders. bountiful feasts. pilgrims bound for Mecca and T. E. Lawrence in a tent. This is a captivating modern-day Odyssey in the tradition of Bruce Chatwin and Paul Theroux.

Autor: Charif Majdalani

Cena: 9999

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Paul’s Letters to Titus. Philemon & The Hebrews

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‚Paul’s Letters to Titus. Philemon & The Hebrews’: Rosemary Leach reads ‚Paul’s Letter to Titus’. Frank Windsor reads ‚Paul’s Letter to Philemon’ and Virginia McKenna reads the ‚Letter to The Hebrews’. Specially composed music is included. The readings were part of BBC Radio 4’s series of 341 daily episodes of the Bible. broadcast in 1991 and 1992. Abridged by Dennis Nowlan. ‚The New Testament’: These abridged readings of the New Testament are taken from the 1989 Revised English Bible. which was translated directly from the original Hebrew. Aramaic and Greek into modern English to produce a Bible that was at once accessible and authoritative.

Autor: Opracowanie zbiorowe

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Michael Tolliver Lives

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Inspiration for the Netflix Limited Series.Tales of the CityThe seventh novel in the beloved Tales of the City series. Armistead Maupins best-selling San Francisco saga.Nearly two decades after ending his groundbreaking Tales of the City saga of San Francisco life. Armistead Maupin revisits his all-too-human hero Michael Tolliverthe fifty-five-year-old sweet-spirited gardener and survivor of the plague that took so many of his friends and loversfor a single day at once mundane and extraordinary… and filled with the everyday miracles of living.

Autor: Armistead Maupin

Cena: 78.90

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Positive Words. Powerful Results

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Although we live in an ocean of words. we rarely acknowledge their power to uplift or put down. to inspire or discourage. to help or hurt. But in this jewel of an audiobook. Hal Urban — parent. award-winning teacher. and author of the classic Life’s Greatest Lessons – shows us simple and immediate ways that we can use language to change lives – both our own and those around us.

Autor: Hal Urban

Cena: 61.90

Hal Urban: MP3

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