Afterlives of the Rich and Famous

Afterlives of the Rich and Famous Kategoria: Pozostałe I have known Sylvia for twenty years. and I have the greatest respect for her.I applaud her for the peace and solace that she has brought to so many. Montel WilliamsThe worlds most acclaimed psychic. Sylvia Browne. the New York Times bestselling author of Life on the…

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Afterlives of the Rich and Famous

Kategoria: Pozostałe

I have known Sylvia for twenty years. and I have the greatest respect for her.I applaud her for the peace and solace that she has brought to so many. Montel WilliamsThe worlds most acclaimed psychic. Sylvia Browne. the New York Times bestselling author of Life on the Other Side. All Pets Go to Heaven. Contacting Your Spirit Guide. and more. returns with a rare and riveting look at the lives of some of our favorite celebritiesafter their deaths. How do Elvis Presley. Heath Ledger. John Lennon. and others view their time on Earth? After they have shuffled off this mortal coil. what wisdom do they wish to send back to us? Sylvia Brownes moving look at these once larger-than-life heroes is a captivating voyage into the secrets they hold beyond the void.

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Jasper Jones

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Jasper Jones has come to my window. I don’t know why. but he has. Maybe he’s in trouble. Maybe he doesn’t have anywhere else to go.Late on a hot summer night at the tail end of 1965. Charlie Bucktin. a precocious and bookish boy of thirteen. is startled by a knock on his window. His visitor is Jasper Jones. Rebellious. mixed-race and solitary. Jasper is a distant figure of danger and intrigue for Charlie. So when Jasper begs for his help. Charlie eagerly steals into the night by his side. terribly afraid but desperate to impress.Jasper takes him to his secret glade in the bush. and it is here that Charlie bears witness to a horrible discovery. In this simmering summer where everything changes. Charlie learns to discern the truth from the myth.By turns heartbreaking. hilarious. tender and wise. Jasper Jones is a novel to treasure.

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Wharton’s most erotic and lyrical novel. Summer explores a daring theme for 1917: a woman’s awakening to her sexuality. Eighteen-year-old Charity Royall lives in the small town of North Dormer. ignorant of desire until the arrival of architect Lucius Harney. Independent yet kept from love until now by society’s expectations. Charity finds herself wrapped up in a love affair with Harney. Like the succulent summer landscape in the Berkshires around them. Charity’s romance is lush and picturesque. but its consequences are harsh and real.Praised for its realism and candor by such writers as Joseph Conrad and Henry James and compared to Flaubert’s Madame Bovary. Summer was one of Wharton’s personal favorites of all her novels and remains as fresh and relevant today as when it was first written.

Autor: Edith Wharton

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Craving Him

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In Working It. New York Times bestselling author Kendall Ryan delivered a sexy and addictive contemporary romance about Emmy Clarke. a sweet southern girl out of her depth in New York Citys cutthroat fashion industry. and Ben Shaw. the hot male model who introduced her to a world of pleasure. But their story is far from completeEmmy Clarke is no quitter. Toughened by her experience working for fashion heavyweight Fiona Stone. Emmy has come a long way from her country girl roots. embracing her fast-paced and unpredictable life in New York City. Though that life comes with more than a few complications. First theres the mystery of Fionas pregnancy. which may or may not involve Emmys boyfriend. superstar male model Ben Shaw. Emmy has always known that Ben comes with more baggage than she can handleand not the Louis Vuitton kind. Yet Ben is the only man who has ever loved Emmy for who she is. and she wants nothing more than to do the same for him. even if it means fo

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When Kurt Wallander first appeared in Faceless Killers back in 1990. he was a senior police officer. just turned forty. with his life in a mess. His wife had left him. his father barely acknowledged him; he ate badly and drank alone at night.The Pyramid chronicles the events that led him to such a place. We see him in the early years. doing hours on the beat whilst trying to solve a murder off-duty; witness the beginnings of his fragile relationship with Mona. the woman he has his heart set on marrying; and learn the reason behind his difficulties with his father. These thrilling tales provide a fascinating insight into Wallander’s character. and demand to be read in one sitting. From the stabbing of a neighbour in 1969 to a light aircraft accident in 1989. every story is a vital piece of the Wallander series. showing Mankell at the top of his game. Featuring an introduction from the author. The Pyramid is an essential read for all fans of Kurt Wallander.

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From the bestselling author of My Dear. I Wanted to Tell You and The Heroes Welcome. Louisa Young’s Devotion is a novel of family. love. race and politics set during the electric change of the 1930s.Tom loves Nenna. Nenna loves her father. Her father loves Mussolini.Ideals and convictions are not always so clear in the murky years between the end of the First World War and the beginning of the Second. For Tom and Kitty Locke. children of the damaged WW1 generation. visiting their cousin Nenna in Rome is a pure joy. For their adoptive parents Nadine and Riley. though. the ground is still shifting underfoot.Nobody knew in 1919 that the children they were bearing would be just ripe for the next war in 1939; nobody knew. in 1935. the implications of an Italian Jewish family supporting Mussolini.Meanwhile Peter Locke and Mabel Zachary have found each other again together in London. itself a city reborn but riddled with its own intolerances. As the heat rises across Europ

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