Your Government Failed You

Your Government Failed You Kategoria: Pozostałe „Your government failed you . . . and I failed you.”Richard Clarke’s dramatic statement to the grieving families during the 9-11 Commission hearings touched a raw nerve across America. Not only had our government failed to prevent the 2001 terrorist attacks. but it has proven itself. time and again.…

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Your Government Failed You

Kategoria: Pozostałe

„Your government failed you . . . and I failed you.”Richard Clarke’s dramatic statement to the grieving families during the 9-11 Commission hearings touched a raw nerve across America. Not only had our government failed to prevent the 2001 terrorist attacks. but it has proven itself. time and again. incapable of handling the majority of our most crucial national security issues. from Iraq to Katrina and beyond. This is not just a temporary failure of our current leadershipit is a systemic problem. the result of a pattern of incompetence that must be understood. confronted. and prevented.In Your Government Failed You. Clarke looks at why these unconscionable failures have continued and how America and the world can succeed against the terrorists. Clarke minces no words in his examination of the breadth and depth of the mediocrity. entropy and collapse endemic in America’s national security programs. In order for the United States to stop its string of strategic mistakes. we first need to understand why they happen. Clarke gives us a privileged. if horrifying. inside look into the debacle of the government policies. discovering patterns in the failure and offering ways to stop the cycle once and for all.

Autor: Richard A. Clarke

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Shop on Blossom Street

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Four lives knit togetherThere’s a little shop on Blossom Street in Seattle called A Good Yarn. You go there to buy knitting supplies and patterns — and now it’s offering a knitting class. The first lesson: how to knit a baby blanket.For owner Lydia Hoffman. the shop represents her dream of beginning a new life free from the cancer that has ravaged her twice. A life that offers a chance at love … and maybe marriage.Jacqueline Donovan is stuck in a marriage that has dwindled into an arrangement of separate rooms and separate lives. She disapproves of the woman married to her only son. but if she knits a baby blanket. she can at least pretend to like her pregnant daughter-in-law.For Carol Girard. the baby blanket brings a message of hope as she and her husband make a final attempt at in vitro pregnancy.And tense-looking Alix Townsend — that’s Alix with an „i” — is learning to knit her blanket for her court-ordered community service project.Brought together by an age-old craft. these four women make unexpected discoveries — about themselves and each other. Discoveries that lead to love. to friendship and acceptance. to laughter and dreams.Performed by Linda Emond

Autor: Debbie Macomber

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. zniewolenie i przemoc. Przypłaca je ciężką nerwicą.

Deborah ucieka. Po urodzeniu dziecka wie. że jeśli chce uchronić swojego syna przed podobnym losem musi porzucić męża. rodzinę i wspólnotę. Rozpoczyna nowe życie.
O autorce
Deborah Feldman urodziła się i wychowała we wspólnocie ortodoksyjnych Żydów w Williamsburgu na Brooklynie. W bardzo młodym wieku została wydana za mąż w aranżowanym małżeństwie. a dwa lata później urodził się jej syn. Wspomnienia. które opublikowała. mając 25 lat. stały się bestsellerem New York Timesa. Dwa lata później napisała ich kontynuację pod tytułem „Exodus”. Jej książki zostały przetłumaczone na hebrajski i niemiecki. Feldman obecnie mieszka w Berlinie wraz ze swoim synem.

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Deborah Feldman

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William Shatner has once again brought his unique blend of talents as actor. writer. director. and producer to continue the saga of Jim Kirk’s remarkable second life. as an insidious menace from his past threatens a new generation of heroes…Retired and in a happy relationship. Kirk believes his adventuring days are over. But as he returns to Earth for the first time since his apparent „death” upon the U.S.S. EnterpriseNCC 1701-B. events elsewhere in the galaxy set in motion a mystery that may provide Kirk with his greatest challenge yet.The Enterprise-E. under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. is exploring an unstable region of space on a mission of vital concern to Starfleet when they discover the last thing they ever expected to find: a battle-scarred vessel that is instantly recognizable to every member of Picard’s crew. Five years after being presumed lost. the Starship Voyager has come home!The commander of Voyager. Tom Paris. explains that Captain Kathryn Janeway and half the original crew is dead. but if that is true. who is the mysterious woman who has kidnapped Kirk back on Earth. demanding that he assist her against a threat to the entire Federation? All is not as it seems. and soon Kirk is forced to confront the consequences of actions taken thirty years before. as well a his own inner doubts.An unforgettable saga peopled by old friends and ancient enemies. Star Trek Spectre propels Kirk on a journey of self-discovery every bit as harrowing as the cataclysmic new adventure that awaits him.. . Copyright . Performance Copyright. 1998 Paramount Pictures

Autor: William Shatner

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Therese Raquin

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In a dingy apartment on the Passage du Pont-Neuf in Paris. Therese Raquin is trapped in a loveless marriage to her sickly cousin. Camille. The numbing tedium of her life is suddenly shattered when she embarks on a turbulent affair with her husband’s earthy friend. Laurent. But their passion for each other soon compels the lovers to commit a crime that will haunt them forever. Therese Raquin caused a scandal when it appeared in 1867 and brought its twenty-seven-year-old author a notoriety that followed him throughout his life. Zola’s novel is not only an uninhibited portrayal of adultery. madness. and ghostly revenge but also a devastating exploration of the darkest aspects of human existence.

Autor: Emile Zola

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