Once Upon a Tower

Once Upon a Tower Kategoria: Pozostałe Once upon a timeA duke fell in loveGowan Stoughton of Craigievar. Duke of Kinross. values order and self-control above all else. So when he meets a lady as serene as she is beautiful.he promptly asks for her hand in marriage.With a ladyEdiewhose passionate temperament is the opposite of serenehad…

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Once Upon a Tower

Kategoria: Pozostałe

Once upon a timeA duke fell in loveGowan Stoughton of Craigievar. Duke of Kinross. values order and self-control above all else. So when he meets a lady as serene as she is beautiful.he promptly asks for her hand in marriage.With a ladyEdiewhose passionate temperament is the opposite of serenehad such a high fever at her own debut ball that she didnt notice anyone. not even the notoriously elusive Duke of Kinross. When her father accepts his offer she panics.And when their marriage night isnt all it could be.she pretends.In a tower.But Edies inability to hide her feelings makes pretending impossible.and when their marriage implodes.she retreats to a towerlocking Gowan out.Now Gowan faces his greatest challenge. Neither commands nor reason work with his spirited young bride. How can he convince her to give him the keys to the towerWhen she already has the keys to his heart?

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Doctor Who: The Forever Trap

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When the TARDIS is invaded by a holographic marketing scam. the Doctor and Donna find themselves trapped on the Edifice. a purpose-built complex of luxury apartments in space. Their new environs leave much to be desired: millions of beings from across the Universe have been gathered to live side by side in similar apartments. Instead of creating neighbourly affection. it’s led to terrible battles being waged in the corridors and on the stairwells. The Doctor and Donna must cross the paths of deadly alien mobs as they search for the Edifice’s ultimate authority. Who – or what – lies at the heart of the incredible complex? What destructive scourge is eating away at the Edifice itself? And are the Doctor and Donna trapped forever in this living hell? Doctor Who: The Forever Trap features the Doctor and Donna. as played by David Tennant and Catherine Tate in the hit BBC Television series Doctor Who. Written specially for audio by Dan Abnett. it

Autor: Robert Browning

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German Girl

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AN INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER Featured in Entertainment Weekly. People. The Millions. and USA TODAY ‚;An unforgettable and resplendent novel which will take its place among the great historical fiction written about World War II.’ Adriana Trigiani. bestselling author of The Shoemaker’s Wife A young girl flees Nazi-occupied Germany with her family and best friend. only to discover that the overseas refuge they had been promised is an illusion in this ‚;engrossing and heartbreaking’ (Library Journal. starred review) debut novel. perfect for fans of The Nightingale. Lilac Girls. and We Were the Lucky Ones.Berlin. 1939. Before everything changed. Hannah Rosenthal lived a charmed life. But now the streets of Berlin are draped in ominous flags; her family’s fine possessions are hauled away; and they are no longer welcome in the places they once considered home. A glimmer of hope appears in the shape of the St. Louis. a transatlantic ocean liner promising Jews safe passa




Empire Strikes Out

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„It’s our game…America’s game: it has the snap. go. fling of the American atmosphere-belongs as much to our institutions. fits into them as significantly as our Constitution’s laws. [and] is just as important in the sum total of our historic life.”-Walt Whitman on baseball Is the face of American baseball throughout the world that of goodwill ambassador or ugly American? Has baseball crafted its own image or instead been at the mercy of broader forces shaping our society and the globe? The Empire Strikes Out gives us the sweeping story of how baseball and America are intertwined in the export of „the American way.” From the Civil War to George W. Bush and the Iraq War. we see baseball’s role in developing the American empire. first at home and then beyond our shores. And from Albert Spalding and baseball’s first World Tour to Bud Selig and the World Baseball Classic. we witness the globalization of America’s national pastime and baseball’s role in spreading the American dream. Besides describing baseball’s frequent and often surprising connections to America’s presence around the world. Elias assesses the effects of this relationship both on our foreign policies and on the sport itself and asks whether baseball can play a positive role or only reinforce America’s dominance around the globe. Like Franklin Foer in How Soccer Explains the World. Elias is driven by compelling stories. unusual events. and unique individuals. His seamless integration of original research and compelling analysis makes this a baseball book that’s about more than just sports. Mixing sharp political analysis and compelling lore. this is an eye-opening look at baseball’s relationship to the American empire. from the revolutionary era to the present.

Autor: Robert Elias

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Great Reminder

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Major Lewis Stiles is dying of cancer. but he wants all his affairs in order before he is „called home.” To that end he wants to hire Moroni Traveler and his father. Martin. to track down one of the prisoners he was responsible for during World War II. Unseen since his mysterious disappearance from the POW camp at Cowdery Junction. Utah. Karl Falke is still owed $132.07 in back pay. and Stiles wants Falke to receive his due. Knowing the chances of success are slim to none. Moroni is reluctant. but ever a soft touch for lost causes he takes the case. The search seems innocent enough. but as with any investigation in the promised land. the Travelers soon run up against the Latter-day Saints. Moroni’s childhood friend Willis Tanner. now a high-level bureaucrat in the church. continues to poke his nose into Traveler business. this time with the added incentive of keeping the prophet’s niece Lael Woolley out of trouble. While grappling with issues of family and responsibility. Moroni realizes that the answers to riddles from the past are to be found in the small towns and silent graveyards of Utah.

Autor: R. R. Irvine

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entiful twists. compelling characters. and abundant heart. The Dark Tide confirms Andrew Gross’ place as a master storyteller at the top of his game.

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Andrew Gross


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