Combat: The Civil War

Combat: The Civil War Kategoria: Pozostałe This is the book Civil War enthusiasts have been waiting for. There are many. many studies of the Civil War. Books have been written on its economic effects. its political causes. its relationship to western expansion. But the real fascination of the war is the story of combat. men…

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Combat: The Civil War

Kategoria: Pozostałe

This is the book Civil War enthusiasts have been waiting for. There are many. many studies of the Civil War. Books have been written on its economic effects. its political causes. its relationship to western expansion. But the real fascination of the war is the story of combat. men in battle. Combat: The Civil War tells this story in the words of men who actually marched into battle. We share their experiences. their fears. and their moments of bravery at Vicksburg. on board the Monitor. at Gettysburg. and at the bloody battle of Antietam. These eyewitness accounts are interspersed with brief commentaries by some of our most respected historians-Douglas Southall Freeman and John Pullen. for example-who illuminate the accounts by placing them in their proper context. Those who have been looking for one volume that manages to tell the whole story of the war in a clear way need look no further. Combat: The Civil War is a gritty and readable history. Immedi

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Anatomy of a Scandal

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A high-profile marriage thrust into the spotlight. A wife. determined to keep her family safe. must face a prosecutor who believes justice has been a long time coming.A scandal that will rock Westminster. And the women caught at the heart of it.Anatomy of a Scandal centres on a high-profile marriage that begins to unravel when the husband is accused of a terrible crime. Sophie is sure her husband. James. is innocent and desperately hopes to protect her precious family from the lies which might ruin them. Kate is thebarrister who will prosecute the case she is equally certain that James is guilty and determined he will pay for his crimes. The audio edition ofAnatomy of a Scandalis read for you byJulie Teal. Luke Thompson. Esther Wane and Sarah Feathers.

Autor: Sarah Vaughan

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Quarry in the Black

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Where does a hit man draw the line?With a controversial presidential election just weeks away. Quarry is hired to carry out a rare political assignment: kill the Reverend Raymond Wesley Lloyd. a passionate civil rights crusader and campaigner for the underdog candidate. But when a hate group out of Ferguson. Missouri. turns out to be gunning for the same target. Quarry starts to wonder just who it is he’s working for.The longest-running series from Max Allan Collins. author of Road to Perdition. the Quarry novels tell the story of a paid assassin with a rebellious streak and an unlikely taste for justice. Once a Marine sniper. Quarry found a new home stateside with a group of contract killers. But some men aren’t made for taking orders-and when Quarry strikes off on his own. God help the man on the other side of his nine millimeter.

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War for the Planet of the Apes: Revelations

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Driven from their woodland home. Caesar and his apes are still recovering from the takeover by renegade ape Koba. Caesar is desperate to avoid war with the humans. but it is a faint hope. as his enemies are about to receive military reinforcements headed by the ruthless Colonel McCullough.While trying to hold off McCullough’s soldiers. Caesar sends his son Blue Eyes on a mission to the south to try to find a safe haven for the apes. despite rumors of terrible things happening there. Meanwhile supporters of Koba’s revolt are spreading dissent among Caesar’s ranks …

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Sales Bible

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Jeffrey Gitomer’s bestselling work in which he shares his tips on how to be a successful salesperson has a new edition and is now available on audio. He provides motivational advice and practical techniques for initiating. maintaining. and closing a sales presentation. Written in a breezy manner with short. easy-to-remember suggestions. this audio will be popular with persons just getting started in this field or those needing an inspirational pep talk. In an area where there are literally dozens of works already available. The Sales Bible will prove helpful to anyone who listens to it. Jeffery Gitomer’s Sales Bible has been completely revised and redesigned to resemble his distinctive bestselling Little Book series. helping the millions of fans he has won since its publication connect it to this blockbuster series. and assuring a major new life for this category-defining classic.

Autor: Jeffrey Gitomer

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Sleep Revolution

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In her New York Times bestseller Thrive. Arianna Huffington introduced her readers to the importance of sleep in terms of redefining success. through wisdom. wonder. well-being and giving. But the topic seemed to touch such a powerful chord. and seemed to resonate so universally in today’s 24/7 fast-paced. always-connected world. that Arianna realized a full book on the critical importance of sleep to our health and lives. and on the long term danger of sleep deprivation on performance and happiness. was needed.In her new book. Arianna reveals all the ways that our inability to get enough sleep impacts our lives. undermines our decision making. compromises our health. our athletic performance. our work lives. our relationships and even our sex lives. and causes us to lose control over of how we interact with others and engage with the world. She discusses the latest science on sleep. explores the importance of dreaming. tackles how technology changes our sle




Online Business Promotion

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Worldwide. there are over six million online searches every month for „eCommerce” with over thirty-three million search results. In other words. there are a whole lot of people and businesses looking to make money through online business promotion-eCommerce. At no other time in history has it been easier for anyone and everyone to market to the entire planet. With eCommerce. you can reach those big dreams. But you have to know how to approach the field. You can’t just blindly throw together a website and hope to attract visitors-or potential buyers. Learn how to turn today’s dreams into manageable goals and produce tomorrow’s results. Join Liv Montgomery. the eCommerce Gal. for a fun and fanciful look at the world of Online Business Promotion.

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