Devil’s Claw

Devil’s Claw Kategoria: Pozostałe In the night-still canyons of the Arizona desert. a girl is on the run. Alone but for her beloved red-tailed hawk. she flees from the dark shadows of her young life. the horror she has witnessedand the terror that now stalks her.New York Times bestselling author J.A. Jance returns with her…

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Devil’s Claw

Kategoria: Pozostałe

In the night-still canyons of the Arizona desert. a girl is on the run. Alone but for her beloved red-tailed hawk. she flees from the dark shadows of her young life. the horror she has witnessedand the terror that now stalks her.New York Times bestselling author J.A. Jance returns with her eighth novel in the highly acclaimed Joanna Brady mystery series. Set against the backdrop of the modern west. this gripping tale finds Sheriff Brady juggling a precarious overload in both her personal and professional lives. About to be married. Joanna’s facing a daughter turning twelve and going on twenty. a meddlesome mother micro-managing her wedding. and new in-laws arriving any day. The sudden death of her much-loved neighbor and handyman. Clayton Rhodes. creates further turmoil. leaving Joanna shocked. saddened. and the target of Clayton’s irate and irrational daughter. who accuses the Sheriff’s Department of covering up a possible murder.But amidst the uproar. the repo

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Behind the Black Door

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‚Today. Gordon’s words are simple and heartfelt. He promises. as his own school motto said. „to do his utmost”. I know that the same will go for me. too. We turn to the door. greeting the policeman on duty. It is time to play our part in contributing to what happens next in government and a new life behind the black door.’In this personal memoir about life at 10 Downing Street. Sarah Brown shares the secrets of living behind the most famous front door in the world. Sarah gave up a successful career in business to serve the country and champion countless charities at home and abroad. A passionate campaigner for women and children. she mobilised hundreds of thousands of people through her early adoption of Twitter where her legion of followers engaged with her on everything from repression in Burma to diversity in British fashion. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to travel with special branch. pack for a photo call with supermodels or pause a speech in front of hundreds when the autocue fails. it’s all here – from what to do when the school play clashes with a visit to the White House to what it feels like to support the man you love as he takes tough decisions to stave off global financial meltdown… Intimate. reflective. surprising and funny. Behind the Black Door takes us backstage to reveal what it’s like to be an ordinary woman. wife and mother in extraordinary circumstances.

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ive stress). Through the practice of the six-week Ultraprevention program. you’ll learn three simple stepseach only two weeks longthat stop these forces and create a lifetime of good health by removing allergens. infections. and toxins from the body and environment; repairing the body through personalizing nutrition. boosting the immune system. and balancing hormones; and recharging with stress management. sleep restoration. and gentle movement. So stop falling for the myths that make you sick and start Ultraprevention. the powerful plan to get older without aging. to maintain health for all of life.

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Mark Hyman. Mark Liponis


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Hero Tales

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In 1895. two young men destined to make their mark on American life. Theodore Roosevelt and Henry Cabot Lodge. discovered they shared a common interest in the remarkable way ordinary Americans demonstrated the real character of the young nation. They were convinced that the brilliance of American liberty could best be found in the lives of everyday heroes. These two men researched and wrote the twenty-six inspiring stories in Hero Tales. From great battles of the War for Independence to the intrepid explorations that opened up the western frontier. from the struggles of the early pioneers to the tragedies of the Civil War. these stories capture the essence of the American spirit. Especially moving is the last chapter. on Abraham Lincoln. in which narrator Patrick Cullen reads Walt Whitman’s poem for Lincoln. „O Captain. My Captain.” as well as two of Lincoln’s speeches. the Gettysburg Address and the Second Inaugural Address. 1. „Washington” by Henry Cabot Lodge2. „Daniel Boone and the Founding of Kentucky” by Theodore Roosevelt3. „George Rogers Clark and the Conquest of the Northwest” by Theodore Roosevelt4. „The Battle of Trenton” by Henry Cabot Lodge5. „Bennington” by Henry Cabot Lodge6. „King’s Mountain” by Theodore Roosevelt7. „The Storming of Stony Point” by Theodore Roosevelt8. „Gouverneur Morris” by Henry Cabot Lodge9. „The Burning of the Philadelphiai” by Henry Cabot Lodge10. „The Cruise of the Wasp” by Theodore Roosevelt11. „The General Armstrong Privateer” by Theodore Roosevelt12. „The Battle of New Orleans” by Theodore Roosevelt13. „John Quincy Adams and the Right of Petition” by Henry Cabot Lodge14. „Francis Parkman” by Henry Cabot Lodge15. „Remember the Alamo” by Theodore Roosevelt16. „Hampton Roads” by Theodore Roosevelt17. „The Flag-Bearer” by Theodore Roosevelt18. „The Death of Stonewall Jackson” by Theodore Roosevelt19. „The Charge at Gettysburg” by Theodore Roosevelt20. „General Grant and the Vicksburg Campaign” by Henry Cabot Lodge21. „Robert Gould Shaw” by Henry Cabot Lodge22. „Charles Russell Lowell” by Henry Cabot Lodge23. „Sheridan at Cedar Creek” by Henry Cabot Lodge24. „Lieutenant Cushing and the Ram Albermarle” by Theodore Roosevelt25. „Farragut at Mobile Bay” by Theodore Roosevelt26. „Lincoln” by Henry Cabot Lodge

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Star Trek Enterprise: the First Adventure

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Grammy Award Nominee for Best Spoken Word Album!James T. Kirk is the youngest man to be promoted to the rank of captain in Federation history. His crew consists of a first officer who finds him impetuous; a chief engineer who finds him arrogent; a chief medical officer who finds him trifling; and a helmsman who wants a transfer. But the young crew. which would later become the legendary space explorers. quickly puts aside their differences when a monstrous starship appears on their nascent flight path.

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No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency: BBC Radio Casebook Vol.2

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A second collection of eight BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisations based on the popular books by Alexander McCall Smith. ‚this full- cast production will charm listeners whether they already know and love these stories or are hearing them for the first time’ – Audiofile Magazine’How to Handle Men through the Application of Psychology’: Precious Ramotswe sets out to release her fiance from a terrifying obligation. and a new case sparks a love quest.’House of Hope’: Precious and her assistant visit some bad girls as part of their mission to find a husband for their client. but Precious has some marriage problems of her own.’The Return of Note’: When Precious Ramotswe’s ex-husband turns up to cause trouble. she finds an unlikely ally.’The Ceremony’: Precious works her way through a list of her own problems. But will the return of an old love jeopardise her romantic plans?’There Is No Such Thing As Free Food’: Precious is pr

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