Watch Kategoria: Pozostałe ‚The first great novel of the war in Afghanistan’ Wall Street Journal You’ve had no sleep since the firefight last night.The morning fog beyond the walls of your base lifts to reveal a lone woman approaching the gate.She says she has come to claim the body of her brother killed in last…

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Kategoria: Pozostałe

‚The first great novel of the war in Afghanistan’ Wall Street Journal You’ve had no sleep since the firefight last night.The morning fog beyond the walls of your base lifts to reveal a lone woman approaching the gate.She says she has come to claim the body of her brother killed in last night’s attack.Is she a terrorist? A spy? A lunatic? Or what she says she is – a grieving sister?What should you do?What do you do?Shortlisted for the Criticos Prize and the Boeke Prize and longlisted for the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award and the DSC Asian Literature Prize. One of Publishers Weekly’s Ten best contemporary war novels.

Autor: Joydeep Roy-Bhattacharya

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Old Fox Deceived

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It is a chill and foggy Twelfth Night. wild with North Sea wind. when a bizarre murder disturbs the outward piece of Rackmoor. a tiny Yorkshire fishing village with a past that proves a tangled maze of unrequited loves. unrevenged wrongs. and even undiscovered murders. Inspector Jury finds no easy answers in his investigation not even the identity of the victim. a beautiful young woman. Was she Gemma Temple. an impostor. or was she really Dillys March. Colonel Titus Craels long-lost ward. returning after eight years to the Colonels country seat and to a share of his fortune? And who was her murderer?

Autor: Martha Grimes

Cena: 102.90

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Angel in the Rubble

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For the first time. the last survivor rescued at Ground Zero tells her unforgettable. gripping story of salvation.Am I dead? But I was in too much pain to be dead. right? I put my left hand right up to my face. but I couldnt see even a hint of it. As I lay on my right side. my right arm and leg were pinned underneath me. A huge slab of concrete pressed against my head. Mustering all my strength. I pushed against it. Nothing. With my left hand. I could feel that an immense steel beam encased the rest of my body. I was sealed in a coffin of concrete and steel. I screamed for help. but my voice went nowhere. I was alone. Completely alone. For twenty-seven hours. Genelle remained below the surface of Tower Ones rubble. During this time. she couldnt help but reflect on the life shed lived and how shed drifted from the faith she once knew. One of her most painful regrets was that shed left her daughter behind in Trinidad while she pursued her dream of singing a

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A grand adventure. the rebirth of the Skolian Empire. and the romance that commenced this saga. Eldrinson Valdoria is a bard and leader on the planet Skyfall. a world with a culture considered primitive by the starflung civilization of the Imperialate. As adept with a sword as he is with a ballad. he is also an undiscovered telepath of great power.Roca Skolia. a former dancer. is now the councilor for Foreign Affairs in the Imperialate’s governing Assembly and heir to the Ruby Pharaoh of the Skolian Imperialate. Caught in a political struggle with her warlord son. she ends up stranded on Skyfall and missing a meeting of the Assembly to vote on humanity’s first interstellar war. Though trapped. she finds herself drawn to Eldrinson. whose thoughts are as clear as the words he cannot write. As their attraction deepens into a love that the laws of both their peoples forbid. the flames of war ignite among the stars.

Autor: Catherine Asaro


Catherine Asaro: 117.90

Exploring and Mapmaking

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While astronomers charted the heavens. geographers and cartographers mapped the earth’s exotic land and seas. Commerce and navigation exploded as mapmakers and bold explorers built on each other’s achievements; in the process. our very concept of the earth changed from a flat surface to a sphere. The Science and Discovery series recreates one of history’s most successful journeys-four thousand years of scientific efforts to better understand and control the physical world. Science has often challenged and upset conventional wisdom or accepted practices; this is a story of vested interests and independent thinkers. experiments and theories. change and progress. Aristotle. Copernicus. Kepler. Galileo. Newton. Darwin. Einstein. and many others are featured.

Autor: Dr. Ian Jackson

Cena: 61.90

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Bend in the River

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This incandescent novel chronicles both an internal journey and a physical trek into the heart of Africa. a place caught between the dangerously alluring modern world and its own tenacious past and traditions. Exploring political and individual corruption. it expresses skepticism about the ability of newly decolonized nations to forge independent identities. Salim. a Muslim Indian merchant. opens a store in a sleepy small town at a bend in the river. whose inhabitants include a Belgian priest. a witch. and a white intellectual named Raymond. The president of the new country is a demagogue called the Big Man who hires Raymond as his speechwriter. Salim loses control of his store to the commercially inexperienced Citizen Theotime. who hires Salim to manage it. Gradually. the town’s veneer of civilization begins to crumble.

Autor: V. S. Naipaul

Cena: 85.90

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