Key Kategoria: Pozostałe Conspiracy thrillers dont come any bigger or better than THE KEY from the author of the bestselling thriller debut of 2011. SANCTUS: aPlenty of action. plenty of intrigue and wonderfully imaginative. The sort of novel to devour in one sitting’ Kate Mosse.Hounded. Haunted. Hunted. She is the most important person in the…

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Kategoria: Pozostałe

Conspiracy thrillers dont come any bigger or better than THE KEY from the author of the bestselling thriller debut of 2011. SANCTUS: aPlenty of action. plenty of intrigue and wonderfully imaginative. The sort of novel to devour in one sitting’ Kate Mosse.Hounded. Haunted. Hunted. She is the most important person in the world. She is The Key.In the ancient Turkish city of Ruin. American journalist Liv Adamsen lies in an isolation ward staring at walls as blank as her memory.She knows she entered the monumental Citadel at the heart of Ruin but can remember only darkness. Something strange is stirring within her. whispering that she is athe key. But the key to what?For the Ghost. a mercenary operating in the Syrian Desert. Liv could unlock one of mankinds most potent secrets. For the brotherhood in the Citadel now cursed by a terrible plague her return is the only way to ensure their survival. And for a powerful faction in Rome. she threatens the very future of the Catho

Autor: Ian Douglas

Cena: 25.57

Ian Douglas: MP3

Deadline Man

Kategoria: Pozostałe

He’s a man whose life is so intertwined with his job that we know him only as „the columnist.” He writes for a newspaper in Seattle. isn’t afraid to stir up trouble. and keeps his life-including his multiple lovers and his past-in safe compartments. It’s all about to be violently upended when he goes out on what seems like the most mundane of assignments. looking into a staid company that „never makes news.” But from the moment one of his sources takes a dive off a downtown skyscraper. the columnist is plunged into a harrowing maze of murder. intrigue. and secrets that powerful forces intend to keep hidden at all costs. All he has to go on is a corporate world where nothing is as it seems. increasingly menacing encounters with mysterious federal agents. and the unsettling meme „eleven/eleven.” Meanwhile. the paper itself is dying. The columnist joins with an aggressive young reporter to see if one explosive story can save a newspaper-and much more. They’re running to make the deadline of their lives. and failure will bring lethal consequences. Deadline Man is Jon Talton at his best. a novel that is both electrifying and intelligent. capturing the romance and harsh reality of newspaper journalism while raising important questions that will haunt listeners long after the fast-paced action ends.

Autor: Jon Talton

Cena: 102.90

Jon Talton: MP3

Shadow Of The Fox (Shadow of the Fox. Book 1)

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‚One of my all time favourite fantasy novels!’Ellen Oh. author of the Prophecy and Spirit Hunters seriesThe first book in a brand-new series set in ancient Japan from New York Times bestselling author Julie Kagawa.Enter a beautiful and perilous land of shapeshifters and samurai. kami and legends. humans and demons…a world in which Japanese mythology and imagination blend togetherWhen destiny calls. legends rise.Every millennium the missing pieces of the Scroll of a Thousand Prayers are hunted. for they hold the power to call the great Kami Dragon from the sea and ask for any one wish.As a temple burns to the ground Yumeko escapes with its greatest treasure – the first piece of the scroll. And when fate thrusts her into the path of a mysterious samurai she knows he seeks what she has. Kage is under order to kill those who stand in his way but will he be able to complete his mission? Will this be the dawn that sees the dragon wak

Autor: Jan Berenstain. Mike Berenstain

Cena: 9.90

Jan Berenstain. Mike Berenstain: MP3


Kategoria: Literatura sensacyjna i grozy

Matt Hunter potrzebował dziewięciu lat. żeby otrząsnąć się po tym. jak przypadkiem zabił mężczyznę. Jego życie w końcu wraca do normy. kariera prawnicza nabiera rozpędu. a ukochana żona jest w ciąży. Przyszłość zaczyna wyglądać obiecująco.

Do momentu gdy na jego komórkę przychodzi zdjęcie żony z innym mężczyzną. a na progu domu pojawia się policja. Znaleziono ciało zamordowanego człowieka. który z jakiegoś powodu śledził Matta. A to dopiero początek…

Przeciętny człowiek wplątany w śmiertelnie niebezpieczną intrygę. której nie rozumie.

Autor: Harlan Coben

Cena: 17.90

Harlan Coben: MP3

Dip in the Pool (A Roald Dahl Short Story)

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Penguin presents the audiobook edition of Dip in the Pool by Roald Dahl. read by Adrian Scarborough. In Dip in the Pool. Roald Dahl tells an unsettling story of human folly. Here. a man acts rashly and life-threateningly to ensure he wins a prize . . . Dip in the Pool is taken from the short story collection Someone Like You. which includes seventeen other devious and shocking stories. featuring the wife who serves a dish that baffles the police; a curious machine that reveals the horrifying truth about plants; the man waiting to be bitten by the venomous snake asleep on his stomach; and others.

Autor: Roald Dahl

Cena: 24.90

Roald Dahl: MP3

Life Engineered

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The Life Engineered begins in the year 3594. when humanity is little more than a memory. a legend of the distant past-destined to reappear. Capeks. a race of artificial creatures originally created by humans. have inherited the galaxy and formed a Utopian civilization built on the shared goal of tirelessly working to prepare for their makers’ return.One moment a cop dying in the line of duty in Boston. the next „reborn” as a Capek. Dagir must find her place in this intricate society. That vaguely remembered „death” was but the last of hundreds of simulated lives. distilling her current personality. A robot built for rescue and repair. she finds her abilities tested immediately after her awakening when the large. sentient facility that created her is destroyed. marking the only instance of murder that the peaceful Capeks have ever known. For the first time in their history. conflicting philosophies clash. setting off a violent civil war that could lay waste to the stars themselves.Dagir sets off on a quest to find the killers and finds much more than she sought. As the layers of the Capeks’ past peel away to reveal their early origins. centuries-old truths come to light. And the resulting revelations may tear humanity’s children apart-and destroy all remnants of humankind.

Autor: J-F. Dubeau

Cena: 87.90

J-F. Dubeau: MP3

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