Converse with Charisma!

Converse with Charisma! Kategoria: Pozostałe Have you ever been to a party or a work function where you don’t know a soul in the room? Learn how to strike-up a conversation with anyone and be the hit of the show!Do you know someone who can easily strike-up conversations with anyone? That person can be you!…

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Converse with Charisma!

Kategoria: Pozostałe

Have you ever been to a party or a work function where you don’t know a soul in the room? Learn how to strike-up a conversation with anyone and be the hit of the show!Do you know someone who can easily strike-up conversations with anyone? That person can be you! The traits of business networking are learned and can be mastered by anyone. This audio series is packed with practical resources to help you learn to think on your feet. have a funny story ready to tell. overcome anxiety. and work the room like a polished professional. Whether you need to master the art of small talk or network your way into a group. this series will teach you the actionable skills to accomplish your business goals at any networking event. cocktail party. dinner gathering. or company outing and will help you unlock your hidden potential to network with ease and grace. This self-study program lets you learn at your own pace. during your commute. in the gym. or from the comfort


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Droga do Achtoty. Niziołkowie z ulicy Pamiątkowej. Tom 2

Kategoria: Powieści i opowiadania

Saga opisuje losy poznańskiej rodziny Niziołków. W odróżnieniu od pierwszej części sagi. akcja „Drogi do Achtoty” zamyka się w dziewięciu miesiącach. Dzieci państwa Niziołków dorastają i dokonują niekiedy zaskakujących. a jednak w pełni świadomych. wyborów. To jest historia rodziny. w której każdy może odnaleźć cząstkę swojej własnej przeszłości. wspomnienia z wychowania dzieci i wydarzenia z życia codziennego …

Autor: Małgorzata Klunder

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Berserker Lies

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Our wars were behind us. Mankind was moving out from the planet of its birth. New worlds were settled. and with the wealth of the galaxy at hand. poverty was eliminated. Then out of a clear summer sky came the first berserker attack. The great battles began-between life and nonlife. between freethinking humanity and the preprogrammed killing machines we came to call berserkers. And some of those battles would be waged with lies. This collection of short stories continues the ongoing saga of the berserker wars with „The Machinery of Lies.” „Masque of the Red Shift.” „In the Temple of Mars.” „Brother Berserker.” and „Smasher.”

Autor: Fred Saberhagen

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custard battles with calculating boyfriends’ mothers. this candid memoir vividly recreates a childhood and adolescence marred by the social embarrassment of being marked as different simply due to your weight.

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Arabella Weir


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This book is the inspiration for the Academy Award-nominated film. There Will Be Blood. starring Daniel Day-Lewis. As he did so masterfully in The Jungle. Pulitzer Prize-winning author Upton Sinclair interweaves social criticism with human tragedy to create an unforgettable portrait of Southern California’s early oil industry. Enraged by the oil scandals of the Harding administration in the 1920s. Sinclair tells a gripping tale of avarice. corruption. and class warfare. featuring a cavalcade of characters. including senators. oil magnates. Hollywood film starlets. and a crusading evangelist. At the center of the novel are an oil developer and his son. As the story moves forward. the divide between father and son grows until the young man is fighting the very industry that brought his father great success. Sinclair’s glorious 1927 epic endures as one of our most powerful American novels of social injustice.

Autor: Upton Sinclair

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Tarzan of the Apes

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When a ship’s mutiny forces a young noble English couple out onto the remote African coast. their child is born into the wild. Their deaths a short time later leave the boy alone in the jungle wildernessuntil a she-ape adopts him and raises him as her own. Reluctantly accepted into the tribe by its fierce leader. Kerchak. the baby Tarzan must prove himself by learning the ways of survival in the jungle: how to talk with animals. swing through the trees. and fight the great predators. In time. his strength. courage. and human intelligence earn him a place as Lord of the Jungle. But when civilized men enter the jungle. Tarzan is forced to choose between two worlds.Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic tale is both a reflection on civilization from an outside point of view and an exploration of the primal force within us all.

Autor: Edgar Rice Burroughs

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Ascending with Both Feet on the Ground

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Perhaps the first of its kind. Ascending with Both Feet on the Ground is a collection of author Jeff Brown’s most inspiring and well-loved Facebook quotes. „soul bytes.” excerpts. and aphorisms. In Jeff’s hands. a Facebook status becomes a kind of spiritual graffiti. a grassroots opportunity to inspire. support. and connect with humanity. With a writing style that is unforgettably heartfelt and original. Jeff calls out to our inner knowing and reminds us of the magnificent life that awaits us. This little treasure book is no generic quote book. It is an impactful. stirring. and enlivening piece of art that will keep you company on the journey home. Exhilarating. compassionate. and insightful. these truth-soundings will help you to excavate your purpose. befriend your confusion. confront your avoidance. ground your spirituality. and open your heart.At its core. Ascending reflects the grounded spirituality that threads through all of Jeff’s writing. one that celebrates enrealment. a way of being that is inclusive and honoring of all that is human. Nothing and no one gets left out on the path home. Everything-feelings. personal identifications. practical challenges. mystical moments. the dust that falls off our awakening hearts-is part of our spirituality.Simultaneously mystical and practical. Ascending beautifully reflects the indistinguishable weave between spiritual and emotional life that is becoming deeply important to seekers on the path. Also included are Jeff’s most inspiring blog posts. including „Apologies to the Divine Feminine (from a Warrior in Transition).” now read and loved by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

Autor: Jeff Brown

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